Eating healthy is easy when you get creative with your meals 🙂 My favorite dinner right now is steamed veggies/potatoes/lentils and spices with a salad.


  1. Nice

  2. MJ Healthy Living (Miss Judy)

    I bet you guys ar e roasting there today – and tomorrow too – 119 its supposed to be…

  3. Those tacos mmmm!

  4. My local Walmart doesn't have any organic fresh produce 🙁 They do have some frozen organic (spinach, butternut squash, sweet potatoes) though and they're really cheap so I do buy that sometimes!

  5. If only yall had an HEB in Arizona!! Here in Texas it's an amazing grocery store with awesomeeee produce!

  6. Makes me hungry for a big CHEESEBURGER

  7. Mattilyn Collins

    Better watch the cats around those plants. Most houseplants are toxic to cats and the cacti…. obviously not cat friendly…

  8. omg don't film the things so close up.

  9. sophieproductions

    You should do a video on the different types of seasonings you use!

  10. morninga powder?? what's that?


    bubba…dewy….hot dogs

  12. What app do you use when your keeping track of calorie and macros? Also I love your channel!

  13. What song is used in the video? it's so good

  14. What is in the tahini marinade?

  15. Ugh! You make veggies look so good!

  16. thanks. so inspiring.

  17. Great video, are you a runner? If so, what do you recommend on running for weightloss?

  18. Did you cook the brussel sprouts and potatoes before you added them to the kale salad?

  19. Skin on point, personality on point, hair on point, body on point etc etc etc. Thanks for giving us SO MUCH INSPO. Love

  20. is she single now?? i dont see her bf in any videos no more

  21. What are you drinking in the photo? The red iced drink! It looks so refreshing. I didn't see it mentioned in the video.

  22. Natalia The Vegan Rockstar

    You Inspire the FUCK out of me.

  23. It's so hot here in LA I can't imagine how hot must be in Arizona in the middle of nowhere.

  24. Will you do an updated garden tour?

  25. plants can be toxic to cats…check which you have

  26. Josephine kromer

    what was the granola you put on the smoothie bowl?

  27. Hi Hannah! I've recently discovered your website and videos and am greatly enjoying them. I have at least 75 pounds to take off, and feel like it's a do-able thing now. Thanks. I'm writing, though, to find out if you've watched What the Health? – if not, I think you'd find it interesting. It's on YouTube as well.. and really corroborates much of what I've heard you say. Thought I 'd pass this along in case you haven't seen it yet. Thanks, again! Rosemary in Oregon

  28. Would you do a "staple" grocery haul of what you like to keep on hand each week?

  29. Am I blind or did I blink? I thought you were drinking from a mason jar with red liquid in the thumbnail but it was never spoken about or seen? What was the drink?!!! +High Carb Hannah

  30. Hannah! Please do an updated "what's in my minimalist closet" video! Please please please! ❤

  31. Would love to know what you're drinking in the thumbnail of this video. It looks delicious like a type of tea maybe?

  32. What brand of granola did you add to your smoothie bowl?

  33. VeganKetoISHJenn

    Walmart is cheap because they refuse to pay their employees or provide healthcare. They really suck.

  34. I really enjoy these videos!!!

  35. How do you make the tahani dressing for the kale salad? Your found always looks so good and you make everything look easy!

  36. What kind of granola do you buy?

    Do you have a dressing recipe for the two dressings/sauces you used?

    Thanks so much. Love your videos.

  37. How did you cook the potatoes and Brussels sprouts?

  38. *cacti 🙂 hehe

  39. Jamila'S Fridge

    I was like where is Hannah 🙂 Cant get enough of you <3 Love your videos more more more 🙂

  40. I love your new plants, so beautiful!! I definitely need some for my dorm room this upcoming semester 🙂

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