What I Ate Today #1 // Healthy Vegetarian Meals

Hello my lovelies! For something a little bit different, I thought I’d upload a ‘What I Ate Today’ video! I enjoy watching these myself, so let me know if you want to …


  1. Rosa Maria Araujo Rodriguez

    aguacate o palta conocido en Perú <3

  2. vegetarians can't have parmesan cheese

  3. I want to try and be vegetarian so this helped :)

  4. super helpful, thanks!

  5. but was the bread eggless? i dont like eating eggs because i consider them to be animals (even though they havent been norn yet i still consider them) and i dont eat animals. however i do eat dairy and drink milk because milk doesn't have a life. it's just cow juice.

  6. Beauty with hicklebottem. Hicklebottem.

    Do vegetarians eat PENUT butter?


    guys don't even be a vegeterian like what she's doing look at her she is skinny, too skinny = die

  8. Your so pretty !!! Please do a skin care routine! Xx

  9. RIP Earphone users.

  10. That Apple looks so pretty. I never knew an apple could be so pretty

  11. This video was so well made, amazing job! :)

  12. love your videos! ❤❤

  13. love your new editing erin! keep it up 🙂 xx

  14. definitely do more of these videos!!!

  15. What a yummy day!! <3

  16. I loved this Video! i am looking Forward to more Lifestyle and Food Videos 🙂 also i have to say that you look soo beautiful with and without Makeup on! <3

  17. Aw man now I'm hungry. lol everything looks delicious and healthy.

  18. Loved this video 🙂 they're awesome to watch and film! xxx

  19. guurl spread the vegetarian message!!
    loved the video xx

  20. Stephanie Cansfield

    Hehe so cute. Yum! I need some almond butter and apples asap!

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