What you will need to make this vegan & gluten free recipe 2 cans of chickpeas 1 celery stock 1 green onion stock 1/4 cup dried seaweed 1/2 cup vegan mayo 2 …


  1. I want all the recipes plz!!

  2. Cameron Georgette

    Yuuuuummmmm!!! I can't wait to try this out!!
    & to get something different in my life!! Lol
    Well done love!!

  3. i made this for my weekly meal prep. its filling and it tastes really good!

  4. please share that burger recipe… the one food I wanna start incorporating into my diet is brussel sprouts

  5. You look amazing! Highly motivating! Could you please do more fitness/ healthy lifestyle videos. Including recipes, mealplans, workouts, and veganism! Thank you!

  6. Brittney Atkins

    What are somw options that you eat for breakfast? I planning on doing this challenge as well.

  7. avocado… the texture and lack of flavor makes me gag, so if you can make that into something else, I'm down for the ride!

  8. That body tho

  9. pico recipe please!

  10. Lemme eat dat ASS

  11. Lol give us allllll the recipes!! Tofu especially

  12. Yes… Can you upload a new vegan recipe (that you eat) every week?

  13. SoulStyleBeauty

    Thank you for sharing. Going to Traders today so will pick up some of the things you mentioned <3.

  14. Can you please make a recipe video for poor College students lol?

  15. louieloveslondon11


  16. make burger patties please!!!!

  17. Janet Francillon

    try the kale its great as a salad with thin sloced carrots and yogurt dressing

  18. yes to vid of pico

  19. Tempeh pleaseee

  20. A2Z With MoonEqualist

    Looks amazing girl. I'm going to try this soon for sure yum

  21. You look so good!!!!!!

  22. Yasaaaaaay for easy vegan recipes. I want stuff I can get my kids to eat. This looks like one of them

  23. "Et voilà, c'est fini" ! I love it when you talk in French 🙂 I'll definitely try this recipe ! Love from France !!

  24. I want to try this!

  25. The Vegan Dancer

    Thank you for this video, I love your videos, they always inspire me! I also have a channel about veganism, so if you are interested, come and check it out!

  26. ur glowing!!

  27. Please make a video on the patty recipe!

  28. Yes ma'am mo recipes fo yo gur!

  29. Why are you so gorgeous!?

  30. I am going to need ALL of those recipes honey. DAT PART!

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