WHAT I ATE IN A WEEK (7 DAYS OF VEGAN FOOD) // easy vegan recipes

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  1. This is my favorite video of yours! I love love love to see what you eat for a week. I was taking notes and writing down everything you ate this week and then placed an online grocery shopping order with everything you mentioned in it. It saves me so much time because I don’t need to be stressed about what to eat for each meal. I find this kind of what you eat in a week helps me so much. Thank you!

  2. I would love more what I eat in a week videos or cheap/low ingredient recipes ❤️

  3. This makes me want to eat more noodles! I’m always afraid to eat noodles because they aren’t traditionally “healthy”

  4. Watched this with my 5 year old as we ate our dinner. She loved it

  5. Love all your videos. How bout a new meal prep video!!!! ☕☕☕

  6. Patricia McDonald

    All looks so delicious, and I like how you get bits and pieces to eat from everywhere. The deconstructed sushi roll looked great lol. I like watching how to make recipes with miso.

  7. I'm totally waiting for the Asian vegan recipes cookbook. Need. It . Wheeeeen can I buy!?!

  8. I have a question, if most vegans want to not eat animals but live a normal life and have a normal diet, Why do vegans rarely use much oil on their food even though it is not that unhealthy or bad at all?

  9. I'd like to see your mom because she has recipes she grew up with that she thinks we wouldn't like that's what I love old school recipes and let's see you veganize that goes that for a ebook recipe

  10. I love your recipe videos especially the korean recipes! Also the what I eat in a day videos!

  11. are your parents normally vegan, or plant-based? or is it just for you when you visit for dinner?

  12. I've been saying Pho and Bulgogi wrong for years. YIKES!!!

  13. your mukbangs are (surprisingly?) my favorite of your vid uploads!!

  14. Girl, you are so cool. The food looks very yummy, and I have the outmost respect for you putting your money where your mouth is and actually opening a vegan café and contributing both through social media and in real life. Much respect to you.

  15. dude, feed me

  16. let us into your cafe! do a video showing us a day in the vegan cafe, lets see the menu, customers, what goes on behind the scene in the kitchen. stuff like that 🙂

  17. Can I Just Say I LOVE EVERY Video You Make ☺ Rose, You're So AMAZING

  18. Charlie BipbopMcGoo

    I love eating meat, don't get me started on bacon…or pork belly mmm. My testicles are growing in width just thinking about it

  19. ProcrastinatorsAnon

    the green peppers were sadder than the orange juice lol

  20. Love the maukbangs and also love the ones where your just living your life and telling us what you do and eat.Also would interesting to see behind the scenes at your cafe.

  21. These are my fav videos, I love seeing all the different recipes to try!

  22. Not only have you taught me how to make amazing Asian food at home, but you've shown me how to eat healthy by adding vegetables to literally anything, make diverse meals, and intuitive eating. Forever my favorite vegan YouTubed!!!

  23. I want to eat EVERYTHING you made! Delicious! <3

  24. Thumbs up!! Do you use brown rice, and whole grain pastas? Just wondering. I always worry about the refined carbs, so I use only unrefined. Thanks for a FUN video!!!!

  25. Do more girlfriend!

  26. actually I like when you discuss or ramble 😀 about some interesting theme !

  27. I'm glad to see that you eat veggies for breakfast. I do all the time

  28. Love your videos

  29. I like how ur what I eat in a week videos have a touch of randomness to the recipes. I enjoy the videos where u put a Korean flair on a dish ( udon alfredo). I love mushrooms so maybe a video a couple mushroom recipes. You could do a vegan beauty haul video.

  30. Master of finishing the leftovers – love it!

  31. Everything looks so delicious!

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