What I Ate // High Protein Vegan Meals to Build Muscle

A typical day of eating for me since I started taking weightlifting more seriously. Lots of protein from grains, legumes, nuts and seeds. 🙂 My last What I Eat In A …


  1. Who else came to see booty?

  2. Yeah good job.Vegans ( and meat eaters too) are a insecure mess on youtube, something about being in front of a camera gives people a God complex.Thanks for the video.

  3. Have watched your videos the whole morning :PP Love your videos and you are just lovely!

  4. Thank you so much! I'm having a hard time thinking of new ideas to get my protein. I try not to rely on soy all the time. I love the breakfast idea!

  5. That quinoa porridge looked fantastic.  I like to serve quinoa like oatmeal sometimes because oatmeal can get boring if you have it everyday.  That chia, flax seed pudding was a good call.  I'm going to steal that for sure.

  6. everythinghasalreadyhappened

    We eat a lot of the same stuff, awesome! 🙂

  7. New subscriber here! I've never thought of using butter lettuce with corn tortillas but it's SUCH a great idea. Definitely doing that next time we have tacos for dinner!

  8. Love your videos!! What type of camera do you use?

  9. Yes! I love u ma

  10. girllll you are living your best life!!!! damn you go

  11. I use romaine leaves as my taco shells and I just love it.

  12. we getting off of the young guys with the cell phone in the bathroom mirror or whatever me and were they have in the house. I'd rather not start looking at women doing the same thing. we're better than that.

  13. Just watched a few of ur videos. do u have a Cookbook or at least a link to all these oil free dressings. im trying to do the oil free thing and u have great ideas. glad I found ur channel. im on a weight loss journey.

  14. Great video I'm hooked to your channel in my journey to get healthy!

  15. I love you

  16. I'm copying this whole video. Lol! It all looks so good…thanks!

  17. YUMMM!!! i just found your channel and i love it! lol. thanks for all the great ideas! you make it look so easy!

  18. I can't stop watching your videos. I love them. All your cooking looks so delicious.

  19. Hey Sarah, where do you find out all your information on all of your food? Do you have a few favourite sources or do you just tend to surf the web a bit? I'm never quite sure what is fact and and what isn't, I bought into the whole HCLF is the only way to be healthy for such a long time and found myself following exactly what certain vegans on YouTube recommended that now I'm hesitant with what nutrition advice I follow in case it's just propaganda or not backed up! You seem to have a pretty healthy attitude towards your diet and know a lot about macro nutrients so I was just wondering if you had a few places in particular where you get a lot of your info from. Also do you think you would consider some work out videos? I just watched your body update video from December and your tummy was so toned, would love to know what you do! Also maybe a no equipment work out that you can do if you don't have a gym membership would be really helpful too! Thanks, keep doing what you're doing, your videos got me back into watching vegans on YouTube! xxx

  20. Just discovered your channel and loving it! <3 Just subscribed and I love your cooking style and more relax attitude and not so strict! 😀 Just became a fan!

  21. that's alot of food, Are you preparing for two people.

  22. if you want your tortillas to taste good dont microwave them heat them up on a griddle or pan (without oil)

  23. Sarah! I recently found your channel, and I love your vibe so much.
    Sending you love from South Africa 🙂

  24. The hummus dressing is GENIOUS

  25. Gabriela Cluciuniuc

    I love all your vlogs! You seem so effortless in front of the camera.. But I would love even more to see how many caloiries you eat and some macros 🙂

  26. I'm pretty sure she is the best cook in the world!!

  27. Ooh, I can't wait to try the hummus dressing!

  28. Brilliant ideas made me really hungry thanks brilliant video

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