What I Ate For Breakfast This Week | Mon-Fri Indian Breakfast Recipes| Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Hello lovelies, Today’s video: What I Ate For Breakfast This Week | Simple & Healthy Indian Breakfast Recipes | Mon-Fri Indian Breakfast Recipes| Healthy …


  1. Please share how to watch friends online on ios

  2. Aakanksha Bhagwat

    Hi, which blender are you using?

  3. I like all receipe…I will definitely try this. Watched full video ..ur new friend.

  4. artistapooja hindi

    Waiting for more videos

  5. Plz make a video on weight gaining

  6. Organised life Happy life

    which app you use for editing your videos

  7. Love Indian cuisine! Want to try cook it! Thank you for recipe:)

  8. Thank God finally found someone on you tube who is not vegan. So happy to see egg recipes here

  9. Hlo mam i am your new subscriber and i personally feel your videos are best . I would request u to come up soon with ur investment opportunities video asap

  10. Ma'am can you please tell me which blender do you use ??

  11. Awesome Saloni….

  12. Lovely recipies … Can u please suggest some healthy sandwich spreads … Good video

  13. Hi…i want to know a proper recipe of hakka noodles…i searched but nt found any up to mark.al r making it like chowmin..kind….hope u bring it up wid..a nice n proper hakka noodle… taste…type

  14. The pan which you used for making upma (Tuesday 's breakfast) which material is it? Is it thick bottom? I'm planning to buy one

  15. Avacoda isnt indian fruit. So is it still ok to eat it?

  16. Your videos are super helpful and informative. These recipe series are my favorite 🙂

  17. Please tell which camera do u use for shooting ur videos…

  18. Didi Apke vedios mujhe bahut help Karti hain

  19. Hey saloni which aere the different kinds of oil u use at home? Also requesting u to start using coconut oil in ur indian dishes atleast cuz of its numerous benifits nd way more healthier than the refined oil.
    But i also know that we cnnot restrain completely from refined oil 🙁 so pl let me know whch brand refined oil r u using 🙂

  20. Saloni can you make a video on warm up exercise and how to stay physically active whole day. How to cultivate the habit of exercising every day.

  21. Nice recipes sister.
    Could you share dessert recipes and evening snacks?

  22. Biswajit Biswas

    What's the cost of one avacado?

  23. You are going to get big real soon. Your aesthetic sense, voice and personality is super. :)one of the better Indian You tubers. 🙂

  24. Swetha Sree Racha

    I want the video of what u eat at you dinner

  25. As always your recipes are awesome.it inspire me for cook and very helpful and innovative.

  26. Hi Saloni, quite new ideas on breakfast options.. Can u let me know which sandwich griller do u use.

  27. vummadi harithareddy

    woww didi..! such a lovely video and i was addicted to ur videos

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