What happens to our body if we go Vegan for 1 month

Let’s face it; we all have that burning desire to indulge in delicious things every now and then. Of course, I’m talking about the milk, bacon, cream, chicken, grilled …


  1. Being vegan is not a diet, it’s a choice to stop using animal products for the creatures benefits. If you do it for health reasons then it’s just called plant based and that is a diet.

  2. I’m vegan now 🙂

  3. Veganism is amazing

  4. Listen ppl. Just cut out the sugars, sodas and processed foods. No need to cut out the meats which is vital to health. Get grass fed meats and free range chickens.

  5. You’re a liar. I went vegan for two years. Ate everything and supplemented what I needed. I felt awful and health issues NEVER IMPROVED And this is happening again again with anyone who goes on a vegan diet. A balance diet is fruits, veggies, meats, diary and fish nothing less and nothing more.

  6. Alejandra Contreras

    Starts at 1:30

  7. Sooo much conflicting shit out there…
    Just do what works for you guys!!

  8. Been eating plant based for coming up on 2 months. I've never felt better and have lost 20 lbs. I will never return to eating meat, poultry, eggs, dairy or fish. I've also pretty much eliminated processed oil, although this is hard to do if you eat out.

  9. Plant based diets are lower in calories, and help you lose weight faster than other diets in my personal experience. Also, try to limit or ditch the alcohol intake as alcoholic drinks regardless of whatever you're drinking pack a gazillion empty calories.

  10. So incorrect

  11. We are not plants. We are mammals. We need meats in order to repair blood vessels and so much more. Also, there are three macros. Fats, Proteins, and Carbohydrates. Carbs are the only one not needed to sustain life. In fact. Carbs spike insulin and that causes insulin resistance, fatty liver, heart disease, organ inflammation, cancer, and so much more. Look up all the dangers of insulin resistance! Go Carnivore or Keto and lower your insulin. You’ll live longer and repair your body.

  12. I am considering to go vegan but I'm not really sure because I I leave with a family that are all meat lovers and the always cook meat and it will be hard for me but I will try the best because I ate chocolate that I would have eaten in a year and I gained a lot of weight which is pretty bad for me and I feel exhausted and bad and I don't like it anymore.

  13. Vegan Power House

    Saying that meat and dairy are the good tasting stuff and how it isn't easy to switch to veganism and stay vegan is so wrong! I've been vegan for nearly 5 years and I know people who have been raised vegan, trust it is very easy!

  14. Vegan Power House

    I'm 43 seconds into the video and already the narrator has said something that wouldn't persuade people to go veg.

  15. You know I respect the People who chose to be vegan yet I don't consider this to be the good option of being healtht and in shape. I'm not vegan, and I still (and will) eat a balanced food obtaining minerals from vegetables, carbihydrates from pasta, and protein from meat. I've been doing excersice since 2017 in when I weighted 100 kg (220 pounds), and a year later now I weight 80 kg (176 pounds). My point it's that it doens't matter your lifestyle but your determination of change, and how you control yourself about eating, and also your activities and how you move.

  16. Bloated for much longer but I feel like my colon is squeaky clean.
    I really am starting to crave veggies like you said, roasted ect.

  17. Christians go like half a year vegan

  18. Ivan Bogdanović

    I've been putting meat secretly in my gf's dinner every day for the past 3 years. She is so happy and feels wonderful, but actually doesn't have a clue. The funniest thing is when she brags to her female friends about her skin complexion and how her hair is better than it ever was because she's been vegan for a couple of years now. LOL
    Where's my award for the BEST BF EVER? 😀

  19. I went vegan for 30days and lost 20lbs, I feel if I would’ve worked out it may have been more but I had a driving job at the time.

  20. Been vegan 3 years now, I love it and I did lose body fat. You get healthier, leaner, help the environment, animals and other humans at the same time. Or there's lots of vegan junk food too, if that's you thing. I just dislike when people use misleading pictures, or info, say it's hard, takes willpower or discipline, inconvenient, expensive or extream. Why is it extreme to NOT torture, rape and murder? How is it weird to NOT breastfeed from a cow? Dairy makes you fat because, cows are enormous.

  21. I feel like most people go vegan for the animals not for health. Idk maybe that’s just me

  22. I’m a stupid idiotic retard it’s true

    I’m not vegan or vegetarian

  23. vegan does not equal vegan. You can eat pasta and chips every day and be vegan or you can eat vegetables, grain and many other healthy foods and thats a BIG difference

  24. there are still lots of tasty vegan junk food like icecream cakes donuts and more. The easiest vegan junk food you can find in your store is non dairy icecream, its basically sold almost everywhere. And also you could just bake your own vegan sweets, they taste even better than store bought ones.

  25. when i turned vegan, healthy food actually tasted good.

  26. You don't drink or do drugs that's awesome as both are very poisonous to humans.

  27. Veganism is a fast. You're merely living off of FAT. Human fat. Eating your muscles, depleting your body of all nutrients and destroying your health

  28. I feel like the thumbnail is crazy wrong, no vegan has slimmed down that much in a month X) I didn't even slim down as a vegan until I started lifting weight and exercising with consistency.

  29. Does being vegan help your hair grow?

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