drinking game: take a shot every time I say vegetarian. what are some other weird foods that vegetarians and vegans can’t eat?


  1. castoreum is in cigarettes too (except for the additive free kinds) so that was a punch in the stomach lol

  2. genuinely didn't know some of this! In the uk it usually states in the back of the pack/tin etc if it's suitable for vegetarians or vegans, so it's been easier for me.

  3. Leilabeth Ledford

    Fuuuck why did I watch this

  4. The Panera broccoli cheddar soup isn't even vegetarian….. that fucks me up because like why do you need to put beef broth in it????

  5. Far from all types of beer and wine use isinglass (or egg or gelatin for that matter) for the clarification process! The site Barnivore is great for checking if your favourite alcoholic beverage is vegan friendly or not. :)

  6. lays bbq is vegan :)

  7. go vegaaaan ✨

  8. "I respect that you don't eat meat. Please respect that I don't eat fake meat."

    Sorry, I couldn't resist.

  9. ….how did y'all not know that French onion soup is made with beef broth?

  10. Vegetarians can't eat dairy either. I mean.. if  you're trying not to contribute to the killing of animals. Diary cows are killed once they can't be used anymore. They are also raped so they will make a baby (that is then taken away.) They are milked till they can't be milked anymore then killed 🙁 🙁 🙁  Unless you're getting actually farm raised dairy.

  11. Ive only been vegan for four months but I have to say, its not that I CANT eat certain things, but that I DONT WANT to eat those things. I dont ever feel like Im missing out and I think its important to focus on all the delicious foods we get to eat, instead of all the yucky foods we choose not to eat. Just my perspective. Much love & peace!

  12. Marianna Catherinne

    here in brazil all caesar dressing are vegetarians. (i mean, at least the ones i usually eat)

  13. I find being vegetarian and not vegan for ethical reasons weird, because most of you care enough to educate yourself on the topic and yet still choose to eat dairy even though dairy industry is as bad as meat industry. Nevertheless, it's still great, and I'm glad you're making videos on it!

  14. You should do a video on like " accidentally vegan" stuff! That would be cool!

  15. Can you do a video on multiple personality disorder and how it develops?

  16. Something that surprised me: some fries aren't vegan/vegetarian! Buffalo wild wings uses beef fat to fry their fries apparently.

  17. it hurts me that I can't eat marshmallows. tg marshmallow fluff has no gelatin

  18. padlocksncocoapuffs

    If you are worried about eating animal fat or rennet than why aren't you vegan. Because if it's okay to eat milk and eggs but not an enzyme from a goat stomach where does the line get drawn. I only ask because isn't milk really just cow fat and pus anyway? I'm sorry, I don't mean to sound like a dick. But I'm alway curious about where people drawn the line of what's okay and what is not okay.

  19. lauren toyota from hotforfood talked about the nonvegan wine and beer thing and she said most alcohol is vegan but there is a website that you just plug in the name of the alcohol and itll say if its vegan or not!

  20. Hi Sara, I hope you can catch this comment… I'm looking for a menstrual cup to buy. If I remember correctly you use an specific brand, do you still use that one? How has it been for you all this time? Do you still recommend it?

  21. Yeah, I found out about the red dye when I was young because it also causes many people who have ADD/ADHD to have reactions both physically and mentally. I have ADHD, so I could not eat it. It was always weird having to explain why I was allergic to a color. But it's really that I'm allergic to the beetle. I just find it disgusting how the FDA still allows it when almost all of Europe has banned it.

  22. You can use the app 'Barnivore' to see what alcoholic products/beverages are vegan or not. I had to give up cheap white wine, but I found a new love for cheap red wine at least. ;)

  23. rolo dessert yogurts aren't :/ you can find loads of cheeses (they have a vegetarian rennet in the UK at least in some brands) jelly tots are vegan! jaffa cakes are usually vegetarian

  24. your videos have been (even more) A+ recently!! Love your ideas and how your mind seems to work ! Keep em coming if you enjoy doing them, for definite.

  25. Not sure why you'd care about the gelatin in cheesecake and not the dairy? which is just as detrimental to animals and has negative affects on the body, which I assume is why many people become vegan/vegetarian anyway.

  26. Also some pop tart flavours have gelatin and some vitamins/pills are made from gelatin capsules

  27. None of these foods are vegetarian even- the purpose of vegetarian is to not kill animals- but what do you think happens to the animals when they are no longer of service to the dairy/egg industry? They're slaughtered. 90% of the beef industry comes from dairy cows and calves. If we don't wanna hurt animals we need to be vegan. If anything, dairy is more cruel than meat. Firstly, the mothers are (most of the time) continually raped and their babies are always taken from them within hours of their birth- and then those calves go to the veal industry- so again vegetarianism is promoting the slaughter of cows. You can not have dairy without murder. Nor can you have eggs without murder. Educate yourself, go vegan.

  28. damn, when i was vegetarian i didn't care that much! i would basically eat anything but an actual piece of meat. i see the point that these products vs cheese actually require a dead animal, but i honestly never thought it was worst to eat gelatine than milk. i eat fully plant based now, and some of these surprised me, but thankfully nothing i eat was in this list! it's been over a year and i bet you i'll discover something i eat is not vegan in my diet at some point. we all do our best haha

  29. I was eating dry roasted peanuts then read the ingredients and they had gelatine in them. I was so fucking angry hahahahhaahahha like what the hell ??

  30. makes sense now that some wines have the vegan sign on them …

  31. I just went to check my favorite cheese it has rennet _' I've only been vegetarian about 3 months but I haven't really done research on what to look out for except like common sense things that I know come from dead animals

  32. Not the Parmesan!!! ☹️

  33. I'm glad that you've realized this. I see you heading towards the vegan route. Happy for you, make the switch!

  34. Pop tarts with frosting on the aren't vegetarian they have gelatin. Also it's shocking have many (mostly fast food) restaurants use animals fat to cook into the fries ew

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