Weight loss Vegetarian soup | Full lunch/ Dinner Soup for Weight Loss/Quick Veg Fat Cutter Soup

Low calorie weight loss vegetable soup recipe.This ideal vegetarian/ Vegan soup recipe for kids and adults. It’s full of vegetables, little pasta can be made under …


  1. how to make vegetable stock?

  2. Sarbasri Adhikary

    every time when we prepare this rcp do we need to purchase chicken stock.

  3. sooo….. good

  4. Awesome dish!

  5. Anil Parajuli LFC

    u add salt in the stock??? o.O

  6. Very nice soup, looks delicious!!! Do you have recipe for vegetable stock or did u use store bought? Thanks

  7. Love your recipes. They are so simple. 

  8. Very nice

  9. Looks delicious! 

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