Weight Loss Vegan Meals // Flat Tummy Meal Prep 2018

Weight Loss Vegan Meals// Flat Tummy Meal Prep THUMBS UP FOR MORE MEAL VIDEOS! My social media! JOIN THE SAMILY! instagram: …


  1. Self-love235678

    This all looks so good!!! Def trying

  2. Awwww!!! Going to try those kale chips!!! Yum

  3. I love the Kale chip idea!! I’m a sucker for chips! So this is a great alternative! ❤️

  4. GONNA TRY ALL OF THESE!!! So excited I just started meal prepping again! Oof, I definitely need new jars! Happy belated Mother's Day to the best puppy mom EVER!!!! Love you girl!!

  5. Suraya Kristine

    is there a name for that thing you do when you snap and smile and groove? it needs one

  6. ilovewaterandjesus77

    Can you make Asian vegan meals?

  7. Obsessed with kale chips! I just need the seasoning from Trader Joe’s!

  8. Food videos are my favorite lol…

  9. Sam you should invest in an air fryer!! Its basically my tofu cooker, it works so well and you dont have to stand there and stir it!

  10. Definitely gonna have to make all of these! it all looks so GOOD

  11. Shauna Carpenter

    Don't forget you can easily just hold on to the stem and grab the leaves and pull apart so nothing but the leaves come off 😉 Oh, and grapeseed or avocado oil is better at higher temps. EVOO turns carcinogenic. Just trying to help. Keep up the great work!

  12. This was my first time watching your videos and I never had a fav youtuber so far… I just liked a lil of everyone's channel but omg I watched a ton of your videos today … Now I have a fab youtuber and it's you. Love love all of your content and your energy! It's like you can pass on all your positivity to me just by watching your videos !! Love you and your channel ❤❤❤❤❤

  13. if you're watching your sodium intake, try lime juice on the water melon instead of sea salt 🙂


    love this! please do more!

  15. Reabetswe Mokale

    Say you want to go vegan but your soy intolerant, what do you suggest for plant based protein sources?

  16. Thank you for the tips!

  17. Michelle Duenas

    This is awesome! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ you’re amazing 🙂

  18. Michelle Kletinich

    love this!!!!
    can you also please show us your favourite vegan burger recipe!!!
    <3 love you

  19. TheBeautyInMe3

    Sam i adore u! U bring joy to me with every video!

  20. Veronika Garajova

    ❤️❤️❤️ I love your energy !!! ❤️❤️❤️

  21. Anna Wortinger

    Weird question…how long does it take your body to get use to protein powders? It seriously makes me gassy and I even use the non dairy/lactose brands. I was using the orgain but now am on the ideal natural brand.

  22. Awesome video!!!! Do u count macros or weigh out your food at all or do intuitively eat? Just want to know how you balance or stay away from over eating

  23. My grandpa taught me to put salt on watermelon! It's so good

  24. Please make vegan waffles!!

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