Weight Loss Treats [Vegan / WSLF]

Remember we want you filled up on whole foods before treats!! Get plenty of the good stuff before reaching for the sugar!! More treats & healthy eats in our WSLF …


  1. making these right now. so excited to try them. btw can you freeze these or would they be gross reheated?? im the only vegan in my house.

  2. BVB is GLOWING! That WSLF skin!

  3. Weight loss treats that you cannot eat everyday…ok?…

  4. How dumb to title and even mention weight loss. Thanks for all your efforts and coolness to the vegan fight but the more videos I see the more I'm feeling like this channel is just high end dieting. Not the ethical vegan way. Eat all you want vegan loves. Eat in abundance. As long as it's plant based, your body will naturally tell you it's had enough.

  5. this is probably a really dumb question but for weight loss is there an advantage to eating sweet potatoes rather than regular potatoes? i see a lot of healthy vegan meals centered around sweet potatoes but i can't stand the taste of them and wanted to know if regular potatoes are just as effective

  6. why can't you eat this every day? looks like mainly oats..

  7. These look so good!! I really want to make the sweet potato brownies >_< but here I find it really difficult to have access to sweet potato… can I substitute for any other starch ? (like regular potatoes , or plaitains are really sweet too)

  8. Definitely going to try these recipes!

  9. I'm so glad you all made this! hopefully people in the FB group refer to this

  10. These recipes are mouth- watering 🙂 It's also nice to see Mrs Vegan glowing after pregnancy!

  11. I'm going to try the oatmeal balls with bits of dates instead of freeze dried fruit. 🙂 Thanks guys!!

  12. Does the bee free honey taste like honey?

  13. I thought fruit sugar was good??

  14. Lucia De Las Heras

    well… dates for weight loss??? i doubt it….

  15. Good recipes, thanks guys and galls!

    Would highly appreciate it, if you guys put the links to the channels and/or websites of your guests into the video description as well. Thanks. 0/

  16. Love this video! 🙂 So coockies made out of oats, banana, cinnamon and a pinch of salt are okay for everyday?

  17. These all look amazing!! Definitely need to try them!!

  18. always love your videos!! :)

  19. Jake And Sarah Health Nuts

    this all looks amazing thanks guys

  20. why is everyone so obsessed with losing weight

  21. lmao they are too healthy for me

  22. Love these girls!

  23. Also and why are fruits only for special occasions ? Im pretty sure dates are completly healthy and the sugar in them is natural ?? i just really feel like you can eat as many dates as one wants and that wouldn't cause weight gain..

  24. I dont understand what is in these that would be bad for weightloss …. There all mostly whole food ingredients i didn't see one bad thing at all :(

  25. Yaaaaasssss Kathrine!!!! You and Jon are awesome!!!!

  26. Mr and Mrs Vegan, I found Dolcedi , which is a bee free honey at Whole Foods. It is also made from concentrated apples, but seriously tastes like honey. I found the Bee Free honey to taste to apple like. Check it out!

  27. I was gonna say the oat balls r good for breakfast

  28. These recipes were great! Hope everyone tries them out at some point :)

  29. musicandflowers93

    can you do a video on healthy snacks that we CAN eat everyday? would be so helpful :-)

  30. The oat balls seem healthy they are just like oatmeal but cooked more

  31. Love all the work yous do the WSLF has helped me out so much and your all so help and kind your videos always make me smile

  32. Sound sooooo good!!!!!

  33. These recipes look so good! I need to try them out ❤️

  34. Why not everyday? Loved this video and they look amazing! I need Kathrine to live with me and be my personal chef!

  35. Thank you guys! I still learn from your videos after 6 years being vegan. Your videos always have a thought behind it which I like! Please do more healthy pregnancy/baby related videos :-D

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