Weight Loss Salad Recipe For Dinner – Indian Veg Meal/Diet Plan – How To Lose Weight Fast With Salad

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  1. Where can I find pink Himalayan salt?

  2. Bintesyedmoizali SyedMoizAli

    I didn't find your zero oil biryani

  3. v t lakshmi perumal

    super fine mam

  4. Niveditha Rajamani

    Hi, i have a doubt. Wont chickpeas increase weight? Please clarify 🙂

  5. Holisticliving Radhika

    Nice hummus variation, thanks. One suggestion, you mention Tablespoon but are showing Teaspoon maybe using measuring spoons can help especially when using it for oils and spices.

  6. Can we add moringa leave powder because I can't find moringa leaves too if we don't have curry leaves please answer me because I wanna fellow this

  7. Love your vids Nisa!!! new sub

  8. mam fresh curry leaves r not available so can it b made without it

  9. hello nishaji, I came across your channel just today also subscribed and looking forward for so many of your amazing recipes.. the hummus is a nice homemade preparation. but I heard chick peas should be avoided for hypothyroidism since I have that I was thinking you could give me other options coz this recipe is tempting .. thanks !!

  10. can i use ghee or sunflower oil in place of coconut or olive oil??

  11. maximum up to how many days this can be stored ?

  12. mam kia aap Dr shalani ke resipi uos karti hu

  13. Pranitha Podichetty

    we can use kaabuli chana

  14. awesumm recipe mam….m big fan of ur weightloss recipes….i hve lost considerable amount of weight after following ur recipes n yes ur magical turmeric tea…it really helped me a lot..

  15. how to get rad of spot on face

    how. to getrad of dark spot on face

  16. hi mam
    how r u
    I tried most of your weight loss receipes .today I tired this hummus salad .wow it is really very tasty . messaging you while I am eating your hummus receipe ,I can't wait .thank u so much

  17. tks nisa

  18. Apple Health Channel

    Hello skinny recipes channel and friend around the world
    I am wonder that Can I have this for dinner and lunch both??

  19. jagini naga krishna

    Hi Madame, tried this and it came out well… I used the hummus on bread and grilled it … it was very good … thanks

  20. I need to loss my weight.pls give me proper recipe that I can loss my weight

  21. Hi . plz tell me home remedy for weight loss in a month.

  22. Hi mam
    I work night shift can you please help me with my diet plan has I need to reduce my weight

  23. Karthika Thangavel

    tried it .. its soo yum too..

  24. is cold pressed coconut oil the same as the coconut oil that we get to buy at stores?

  25. Hi beautiful recipe.subscribe your channel. Can you give a week menu weight loss plan to take work place also. Thank you.

  26. Where to get moringa leaves in Delhi

  27. if I will do this chatani for two days and I will keep this in the fridge, it's ok

  28. if I will do this chatani for two days and I will keep in fridge it's ok

  29. Too good! Many thanks ma'am!

  30. How long will the hummus last in a refrigerator??

  31. thank you for the hummus recipe
    i tried to make my own hummus with virgin olive oil
    i had to use 10 tbs of oil for a lil a small bowl portion

  32. Hi, if I'm drinking the fat cutter drink of zeera lemon and honey, do I've to stop drinking my regular milk tea with sugar?

  33. hello mem i make this recipe its very yummy.thanks

  34. Nice recipe. I make it every week, i add sesame seeds or Tahini while grinding. Thanks Nisa ji

  35. Prashanthreg Sequeira

    i already tried your previous weight loss salad and it taste very good… and now this is something intresting recipe..must try

  36. Hi thanks for sending me reply

  37. thankyou

  38. Nivethitha Rajagopalan

    Can I use this for breads or chapathis??

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