Weight Loss Salad Recipe For Dinner – Diet Plan To Lose Weight Fast – Indian Veg Meal Plan

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  1. Hey guys! sharing another tasty, low calorie and nutrient dense weight loss salad for dinner. Do try this low carb salad and let me know how it turned out. Do share and like this video, thanks so much for the love and support ❤️❤️
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  2. All your recepies are super delicious and healthy . Love all the videos shared by you. Will definitely try this healthy salad recepie

  3. Instead of boiling brocalie better to steam them.

  4. Isn't Vit C lost on being exposed to heat ?

  5. I like ur videos. please share some recipes for sugar patients like what to eat in breakfast lunch dinner

  6. What is desi ghee in English?

  7. Hello Nisa Mam.. I have recently started watching your channel. I was looking for something healthy for weight loss and I came across these salad videos of yours.
    I am quite happy with the chickpeas salad which I prepared today. It's delicious!
    Thank you for sharing such amazing recipes with crisp clear explanation.
    Would like a recipe for belly fat loss. Kindly share.

  8. nmastey akka

  9. Madam Pls suggest broccoli and lettuce instead of any other vegetables

  10. Great…

  11. Very nice. More less same method I made. Good. Put video millet varieties

  12. Apki har video nice hoti hain mam ❤

  13. Can we use black Chana instead of white chana

  14. Thank you so much. Approx how many calories…

  15. It’s a great recipe..I have been eating these kind of salads for dinner since a month. I chop all the vegetables really thin and layer them in a bowl instead of a plate . It tastes yum!!!

  16. I appreciate ur recipes.. My opinion on broccoli is that it has fat soluble vitamins hence plz roast the broccoli rather boiling the broccoli

  17. uma pr Ramakrishnan

    Nice variety salad. Ma'am, could you please share recipes using locally available vegetables in Kerala, which are cheaper compared to lettuce or broccoli?

  18. Please make a video about healthy dinner please

  19. yahn brokli nai milti is ki jga phol gobi use kr skty hn kiya plzz reply .??

  20. Lot of ingredients…

  21. Superb mam

  22. Mmm… this looks delicious! I look forward to trying it. Are the curry leaves edible, or do I need to pick them out?

  23. Very useful madam.Can you please say the difference between ordinary salt and pink Himalayan salt.

  24. Mam can you tell me the difference between kokam and garcinia cobogia …I am confused….. I like your videos… happy Diwali

  25. prathibha govindaraj

    Awesome recipes
    Thank you

  26. Yummy, thank you so much ma'm

  27. Very useful recipe thank u so much mam

  28. Hello ma'am. Hope u alright and enjoying ur busy life. I just want to say HAPPY DIWALI MA'AM.

  29. This colourful salad is not only healthy but a feast to the eyes as well dear Nisa madam 🙂 i will try this recipe 🙂 Please share the energy drink recipe for diabetics after the age of 50 to build immunity and bone health..Thank you madam…

  30. Very healthy n power packed..ll definitely try this

  31. superb mam….

  32. Today's dinner. All liked it. Thank you so much.

  33. Very nice

  34. Shantha Gunarathna

    Thank u mam … I love it…….

  35. lekya reddeppagari

    Hi mam all ur recepies are very healthy…..mam plssss do some healthy recepies for kids dis z my small request

  36. Isnt steaming broccoli better than blanching them as the nutrients gets lost in the water unless you are reusing that water

  37. Awesome. Thankiess

  38. Wao great and filling recipe..but I have thyroid and pcod. should I use brocli and ice berg

  39. kalpana Suryawanshi


  40. Really healthy. Nice colour combination too.

  41. MANVI Raina Sharma

    Plzz make video on pink salt jo lochal market se milta isko kaise banate hai

  42. I have uric acid problem. So can you give ma a salade rep which is good for my health. I am from bangladesh.

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