Ahh hiiii everyone! My second ever meal prep with me video! These recipes are all VEGAN and I’m so excited to be sharing something everyone can try 🙂 Let …


  1. Are you sleeping on the couch?

  2. You should invest in better/sharper knives! I’m telling ya it will make cooking so much better!

  3. omgggg so I’m vegan and I literally never have time to cook but I actually feel inspired by these recipes

  4. Do the broccoli and patties stay crispy??

  5. My fave videos and my fave youtuber!!! Wishing you all the best with everything molly!


  7. Samantha Fredericks

    Can you link the recipes?

  8. Where did you find these recipes?! Yummmm
    How much rice do you use?

  9. what happened with you and fab??

  10. Omg those oats look so good. I usually make oatmeal in the instant pot but i could easily do the apple part too. YUM. I also love me some roasted broccoli! Have been using frozen though and it thankfully works out well too.

  11. Omgg Nails goals

  12. Where is your gold ring from I like it so much ?

  13. Thanks for showcasing cruelty-free food…new viewer here and I almost clicked off when I saw you eating chickens' eggs in another video, but at least you're open minded enough to try something better. Would love to see more of these.

  14. Seems like a lot of sugar first thing in the morning. I go for more protein and veggies. Thanks for sharing- great video!

  15. I feel like I would love trying Molly’s food because she uses Adobo. ♥️

  16. Roasted eggplant would’ve gone really nicely w the wrap as well!

  17. MOLLY!! Did you see natural bliss came out with an oat milk creamer??

  18. Do you track your calories?

  19. Verlaine Alcantara

    Can you add the recipe link for the oatmeal?

  20. How’s that brand of almond milk?

  21. Amazing!! Can't wait to try these. Do you know the calorie count for each meal is roughly? I can work it out if not as I make them as I'm tracking lol 🙂 xx

  22. I loved it all —— but girl —— easy on the butter !!

  23. What camera do you use ? I want to buy a nice quality camera and I love your quality!

  24. Yeees♡ I’m gonna try these recipes ASAP!

  25. Really tried to enjoy your video but there are so many ads I can't finish it :/

  26. these recipes were soo good!! i loved this video ur one of my favsss

  27. loved this! more vegan meal prep pls it’s so so helpful!!

  28. try cauliflower with olive oil, paprika, and garlic salt! you will not be disappointed it is amazinnggggggg

  29. it all looks so good love your nails

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