Today I have a new weight loss meal prep for the week for you! These high protein recipes will help you reach your health and fitness goals. Suitable for both …


  1. More videos like this!!!!

  2. I love these videos!!

  3. Giovanni Espino

    Really don’t like the background music, very repetitive

  4. Stop to put hot food in plastic , destroy your testosteron.

  5. I really liked how you started with the calories and macros. Keep up the great content! You’re awesome John!

  6. Wait.. Is he danish?

  7. Catherine Bridgeman

    to my vegan squad: alpro is part of the provamel/danone group which enslaves/slaughters/abuses animals.
    so to be on the safe side, I'd choose a different, fully vegan brand without some greedy people in the background who don’t give a fuck about the planet&its earthlings

  8. Long Player Kitchen

    Who, this much food on a weight loss diet??? Amazing.

  9. I use to love that chocolate cake scene from Matilda!

  10. where do you buy your soy yogurt???

  11. James Wilkinson

    I ALWAYS get my Proteins from Smart Proteins. The best IMO.

  12. James Wilkinson

    Doesn’t soya milk have a lot of female hormones in which makes you reduce testosterone?

  13. Can you add recipes in description

  14. Any1 know the mince product??

  15. Amberscupcakes

    Omg thank you for using the metric system and a REALISTIC amount of food!!

  16. Loved this video!!!! But 2k calories is too much for me? I'm trying to lose weight so maybe I should have 1k calories? I'm.31 , female I am 100kgs and I want to get down to 70kgs. I do lots of yoga, boxing , Pilates but struggle with diet plans

  17. I have a severe nut allergy, what could I use instead of the peanut butter for the Thai sauce?

  18. Daniel Mijatović

    How's your depression?

  19. Really useful video, but are you sure it’s safe to eat 50g of chia seeds in one meal? I’ve heard that you shouldn’t have more than 2 tbsp a day or something like that

  20. I really like the way you did this video. Straight to the point. Keep em coming, John.

  21. I'm making all of this! Good looking food and awesome graphics as well.

  22. Great video. More meal prep videos!!!

  23. Thank you, this was so helpful!

  24. as meal prep vid, high marks. as practical way to get 2000 calories seems way way way too much food volume for me–6'1.5" 170 lbs. watching this seems -and i am without any solutions–we need a way to get calories without overstuffing. why e.g. 3 carrots when u can take a vitamin a pill or a simple multivitamin. optimal diet starts with optimal way to get calories/proteins, possibly with attendant nutrient cocktail. also Q effect on health of 64g fat/day although seems a little reasonable since spread over 3 meals, that is, if one wants 3 big meals.

  25. What can you absorb from ungrinded chia seeds?

  26. Don’t you have to soak chia seeds? Otherwise they come out your body the way they came in…

  27. For breakfast what kind of jars did you use?

  28. Thanks for a great meal prep video!

  29. Wooooooow soo Awsome!!! Tnx John i know whot im gona do today 😀 <3

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