WEIGHT LOSS – Indian Weight Loss Diet

Weight loss, Indian weight loss diet plan for men and women. This is a budget friendly, practical, vegetarian and non vegetarian diet plan for weight loss.


  1. Hello Friends! Came across this inspirational story of an Indian woman who has invented a pan which doesn't let the milk to get boiled over. Amazing. Isn't it? Couldn't resist but share it with you guys!
    PS: This is not a paid post 😀


  3. Bhaiya plz make a video of pure vegetarian diet for girls

  4. If people are some edict to alcohol . What is the dosage and calories intake of alcohol

  5. Santhosh kumar Vemula

    We need to tell you thanks so much for giving suggestions…

  6. bcaa or glutamine sirf use karsakhtei lean mass ke liye

  7. itna kuch khane ka bta rhe tho per day to motte hi hoge weight loss nhi ho sakta konsi cheez chhodi h jo nhi khani din m raat m milk bhi bta diya pene ko

  8. Thanks a lot Vivek! Very nicely narrated and informative video!!!

  9. u didn't tell about dinner

  10. I have watched so many plans but this sounds more practical thanks am soon gonna do it hope I vil succeed in getting good results.thanks for the video.keep up the good work.

  11. Hi,

    I am going to follow this diet… please suggest anything more I am 33age 5.5 height and weight is 86 kg…

  12. sangeeta kanade

    Thanks Vivek This looks very balanced and full filling diet. I am going to start it now for my daughter who is 23 and obese. her weight gives her so many other problems. Actually because of hormonal inbalance she put on lot of weight and cannot shred her weight. but this diet will work to keep her full and balanced in hormones.
    I will update you how it works.
    but thanks again for sharing it.

  13. Thanks u sharing this..and can u please say me which is the better time to work out ..morning or evening

  14. I am doing hard workout and I consume 1000 calories per day but I can loose my weight In month only 3 kg with hard diet

  15. I am in diet and i am doing exercise , workout every day and stopped all juck foods just i day I eat chicken biryani 1 kg raise I am so confused

  16. yesterday morning I was 73kg after launch chicken biryani i was 74 I check in the evening why

  17. what's wrong with your lips

  18. Ridita Adhijari

    instead of eating 6 egg whites can't i take 2 whole eggs with yolk coz i lov it most plz reply

  19. Priyanka Shimpi

    sir pls i m vegetarian pls suggest me vegetarian diet

  20. can u tell me iam 15 can. I use them

  21. Great channel and great content man! I am a regular and your videos have helped me out a lot. I had one quick question for you, why do the recipes or videos in general talk only about low/non-fat things? Just wondering is all. Thanks man!

  22. vivek loved ur video sounds like u very hardworking dedicated guy keep up the good work stay blessed and ya loved ur diet seems to be very practical

  23. sarala sancheti

    sir please make a video vegetarian diet plan

  24. I am trying to lose weight, could you suggest few more options for dinner. loved your recipes

  25. Heloo sir my weight is stuck plzz help me i eat healthy and not eating roti toouch only half roti and also do 1 day cardio exercise and 1 day tred mill ..30 mint but not loosing weight what to do

  26. vegetarian people will eat only paneer and soya or wat? try making another video for vegetarians! and.. include bettr options of possible.. cos. these are jus the same things all over the day!

  27. kartik Malhotra

    Thanks for the video bro, but I have a few questions and problems.

    I have high blood uric acid levels and which inturn leads to gout and then I am unable to workout.

    can you help me with a diet where so much protein is not involved :).

    thanks in advance

  28. please guide me if I do exercise in morning 6.am wt will be my diet

  29. Jalakandeswar Reddy

    i followed your plan i can say 75 percent of your tips i lost 8.5 kgs in 1.5 months its a good plan you are great

  30. Parantha with no oil kya hota hai?

  31. nice to see my indian brother ao good in knowledge

  32. Sir, Will it work for loose skinny fat.
    Please do reply…

  33. love ur tips

  34. Simple explanation with lots of information

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  36. Kaavya Balasubramanian

    i love you had a vegan option there !!!

  37. superb explanation vivek ….tq so much….

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