Weight Loss Chicken Salad Recipe – Oil Free Skinny Recipes – Low Calorie Healthy Meal Plan/Diet Plan

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  1. How many days does the water cooked chicken lasts??
    Please tell!As i wont have to to make it every day and take it for lunch?

    How many days the salad as a whole lasts??

  2. Garima Choudhary

    Wrapped in lettuce

  3. During this month of Ramadan, I intend to lose about 10kgs so this is something I will love to try out. Thank you Skinny Recipes.

  4. Siddhesh Khilari

    Is it possible to make this salad in large quantity and store it in fridge to eat for like 3-4days?

  5. Padmanabharaju Penumasta

    Superb recipe tq mam

  6. I was searching for heart healthy chicken salad.

  7. What it means apple cider with mother

  8. Can I use other vegetables

  9. Runa Weight loss recipe Majumdar


  10. Priyanka Bidari

    Will try for sure. Looks yummy

  11. Udulani Abekon

    Wow.. It's really… Really.. Really perfect.. Thank you so much.. God bless you…

  12. Mam how much calories is this salad ?

  13. Vaibhav Shetye

    Wrapped in lettuce

  14. Wow. Love this recipe ♥️ thanks a lot ma'am

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