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  1. How often do you go to the farmers market???
    P.s. You are great 🙂

  2. but so many plastic bags……..

  3. Try Hawaiian papaya. You can buy it at Asian markets

  4. Allie Live & Love

    I am not a papaya fan either 🙁

  5. thanks for sharing ….I'll be doing 60 day RVT on July 1st of this year wish me luck

  6. The only place ive EVER liked papaya was in hawaii. all others REALLY TASTE LIKE PUKE TO ME TOOO hahahaha

  7. Im new here. Your videos are so cool!! Where do you live??

  8. Hi, do you have a business email?

  9. You should get a Pickl-It jar and ferment your own veggies, it's so easy and I never get mold ferments with the Pickl-It method.

  10. Papayas need to feel soft on the outside like a ripe avocado & have some questionable spots on outside to be ripe. Try it & you’ll love it.

  11. Papaya is just gross. Tastes like nothing to me, no matter how ripe it is!

  12. Melanie McLachlan

    Lime, Lime, Lime Juice on the Papaya!!!

  13. Was your papaya sweet? Sweet papaya is heaven.

  14. SaúdeVC thaismelo

    Beautiful I love the way you are doing it! Very focused and strong minded! You will get so far and success to you on this journey! I pay very much attention to your eyes, have you heard of iridology? It's worth knowing that, the iris are the maps of our organs showing where is the weakness, genetics and lymphatic situation, each eye left and right is different, it's amazing and helps a lot to work on where to focus!


  16. Have you spoken about the specifics of your chronic illness, or would you rather keep it personal? If so that's fine but I'm just curious to know more about it. 🙂

  17. Ahmed Abdel khalek

    weight loss today has become one of the prime concerns of many people universally. A majority of people are suffering from obesity and the various serious medical problems associated with too much weight, even the studies showed this fact.

  18. I really love your videos! I can't stick to raw for more than a few days and then I'll just be tired and cold and end up overeating on cooked foods like oats, potatoes, nut butters etc. Such a struggle!

  19. Life with fabulous Alex

    What is the music in the background called at the part with the Orange's the doo hahaha?

  20. Sarah Bartholomew

    your papaya looks like it's from trader joe's. the ones there are never good! also i go to the same farmer's market as you (CC on Tuesdays haah!)

  21. Lisa Schoeneberger

    I have always loved you and your journey, but I must say that this raw vegan path you are on? Is really interesting! I am seriously considering jumping on that bandwagon of veggies with ya !!

  22. I too have a chronic illness..
    I have wanted to go raw so I can help myself / cure myself. I went raw for two weeks once and I've never felt better

    May I ask what chronic illness you have?
    I have Lupus and Nephrotic Syndrome with thyroid and blood pressure issues.


    raw!!! way to go… new to your channel, what were your health issues???

  24. Stéphanie Godin

    If you are looking for new recipe you should try this one (chia pudding with avocado & banana chocolate pudding ) ! That blog have so many good recipes !! 🙂


  25. Are you dizzy from going raw?

  26. Callie Collector

    Try lemon and cinnamon on the papaya! So good! Also make sure it's not too ripe, it should be a bit soft to touch and mostly yellow ( if your getting the ones from Trader Joes).

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