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  1. I really enjoyed this video and enjoyed seeing you again! I miss your videos!


    I just want to live with you for a month, just to eat with y'all. You eat so well.

  3. Thumbs Up.

  4. I've never used nutritional yeast before. What is a good band?

  5. Love it! More videos like this.

  6. Not all related to this video but i had a question about the potatoe diet. Can you use zero calorie or non stick cooking spray?

  7. this was super helpful !!

  8. Love this!!!

  9. I just realized that u kinda look like Mariah Carey . Woah

  10. Love this video!!

  11. I know where you got your rose quartz ring (it's beautiful by the way!), but where did you get your other ring (on your ring finger stacked against the rose quartz) with the diamonds (I'm assuming diamonds?)?? It's beautiful too!

  12. Hannah, you constantly inspire me. You’ve helped me so much in my life and you don’t even know it.

  13. Awesome video

  14. Happy New Year! Beautiful food haul! I am a little bit worried about all that kombucha though, after seeing Dr. Greger's video on it. Also, from nutritionfacts, we need to check that the rice we purchase is from India or California, due to the arsenic levels. With the holidays over, I am ready to start Lean & Clean for the next 2 weeks and get more weight off. You have already helped me loose 20 pounds!

  15. Christine Dalgaard Persson

    I would definitely love more of these kinds of videos

  16. Love this video!

  17. I love the video, specially becauseyou're not just showing what you bought but also you explain what you'll use it for, which gives us ideas too. Thank you so much. Love and peace ^.^!!

  18. I'm on my weight loss journey and this was a great video.

  19. Looks so good. Thank you

  20. michaelvictoriareese

    Love the video! Where do you buy your rice and beans in bulk? Is it online? I'm trying to figure out how to eat at least 90% raw vegan (mostly organic), while spending less on groceries and not be hungry all the time!

  21. Laurel Hernandez

    Love seeing your food haul! How long do you buy your food hauls to last? (1 week? ) please do more of these! Im going to have to stick to a strict budget in the new year, so low cost grocery shopping is key!

  22. loved seeing what veggies you bought and quick ideas for throwing food together!

  23. I love watching food shopping/hauls. Thank you.

  24. Loved this video and I am impressed at how much you for the money WOW! I can't get that much organic that cheap.

  25. what/who is the song/artist of the guy kinda right at the beginning of the video? i tried shazaming it but no good search results. 🙁

  26. Do you still workout?

  27. Love these kinds of videos! Excited to try the walnut taco meat!

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