week of my breakfasts! (vegan)

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  1. Why do I keep getting ads for sour cream before your vids?

  2. That was great! I often struggle with breakfast. Can you do some on the go breakfasts? Thanks

  3. just a random girl lol
  4. for the last one did you microwave the oatmeal??

  5. Friday breakfast looks yummy!

  6. I just realized you remind me of Shailene Woodley!!

  7. Luciana Sarasqueta


  8. Her week states from sunday?? What lol

  9. I can’t stand oatmeal in its normal form after having puked it up one day. I can eat it raw and in every other way than it’s most basic more (overnight oats or warmed oats).

  10. not enough protein.. 5g per day is not enough.

  11. Hey where did you buy that leap instant smoothie bowl??? Please answer!!!!!!

  12. hey! i love your videos so much! just subscribed and also how do you make your intro? i love it

  13. oof I was so confused on the first recipe where it said "mashed sweet potatoes" cause I read it as "mashed secret potatoes" like huh??

  14. Can you do one just like this but for lunch please I have run out of ideas for vegan lunch

  15. Can you do more school videos? Like study with me, What I do on a day, how I study, etc…

  16. What's the secret to the thickness of the smoothie bowls?

  17. Let me just say, I have been watching Ashely video's for a couple days now NONSTOP and she is SO motivational (and the smoothie bowls are so amazing). I am going vegan in 2019, so thank you for all of the food ideas!

    P.S you're gorgeous!!!

  18. New subbie!

  19. those oats in the beginning omg

  20. Get Fit With Neha


  21. ur adorable!!! i’ll definitely try some of these in the near future, thank u for the inspiration~!

  22. i looove this ! 🙂 what type of blender do you use for the smoothie bowls??

  23. so cute!!

  24. does putting squash in your oats change the taste? looks yum!

  25. Is it just me or why does my almond milk go bad soo fast

  26. nice video Ash…..

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