We Tried to Find Vegan Options At Popular Restaurant Chains

Two vegans go to Panera Bread, The Cheesecake Factory, and P.F. Chang’s. Will they be able to find delicious vegan options at each of these popular …


  1. Just keep going guurrllss

  2. Christopher Pieschel


  3. I love herr

  4. Well, You being a meat eater, The Bread is not Vegan. Think About it. The way we get Wheat for the Bread is growing and cutting Wheat, Think about all the Ants, Cockroaches Etc. The are Animals, And they are in the Wheat during the making of Wheat, So you shouldn't be eating bread.

  5. LOVE me some Tabitha Brown honey yesssss

  6. Yes, I love this! But I would love if you went to a place like a steakhouse or something

  7. Please keep doing this❤

  8. The thumbnail looked like a boudin sandwich

  9. Do vegan options at fast food restaurants

  10. Wait! Cheesecake Factory has vegan mayo & cheese!! My dreams have come true!! Omg! What state are you girls in? I need to call mine and hope they have the vegan mayo & cheese as well. I’m always emailing fast food places to carry those items.

  11. How is bread vegan doesn’t it have eggs and butter?

  12. vegan in n out

  13. Merle is the best, most positive, least annoying vegan ever.

  14. I am a simple woman. I see Tabitha, I click.

  15. The avocado thing never happens in real life,

  16. Try Jason’s Deli next time

  17. P.F. Changs I'm on my way! Didn't know they had Vegan options.

  18. Mc Donalds, Wendys, Taco Bell, Panda Express, Sbarro, Dunkin Donuts!!

  19. Who is that lady with the auntie glasses? I want her to be related to me.

  20. These are the type of customers I hate

  21. So those chips and the bread are vegan? How do you make them vegan?

  22. DIΣGӨͶӨƦƦΣΔ- Chinese people have thin eyes

    Bring home the bacon, bitches!!!!!!

  23. Trinity Rodriguez

    00:50 felt that

  24. I Don't Know Elisa

    You guys missed veggie grill and by Chloe

  25. I Don't Know Elisa

    NYC has my favourite vegan food but now it’s becoming London which is close to home so I’m always in heaven

  26. I wanted to see you guys try everything you ordered from PF Changs and you didn’t ):

  27. how many calories can those girls eat?

  28. You guys made me so hungry!

  29. I'm suoer interested in a series like this because ive thought about going vegan for a long time and I would love to see how easy it is especially for restraunt food.

  30. It looks so fake. I think those restaurants are sponsors.

  31. Tabitha has such good energy!

  32. I eat the Modern Greek Salad regularly, at Panera Bread! I too, sub out the feta for avocado❤️

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