Walmart Goes Vegan w/ Jason Wrobel

Can you shop for vegan items at Walmart? I’ll admit that I don’t visit Walmart often to go shopping. When I do go there, the thought of buying food never crosses …


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  2. The Winningest Duo

    I am on my way to Walmart

  3. Toooooooo Fast please slow down us seniors r really trying to copy as we transition into this vegan lifestyle

  4. Im loving these receipes but some od yall r talking toooooooo fast makes it really hard for me to copy them


  6. Was shocked how much my commisary had! Very cool

  7. Maybe you can do a 2019 Walmart vegan haul lol still glad I found ur video but it was from 2016

  8. Thanks for this, you're funny. I didn't realize they had so many options cause my neighborhood Walmart doesn't have some of these items… just wondering what state this is?

  9. Our Walmart (a suburb in North Tx) has pretty much all of the products shown in the video. I have to say Walmart used to carry vegan butter, but did away with it about two years ago! That sucks! No biggie, I can still get it at Sprouts or Winco.

  10. OMG, I had no idea. Way to go Wal* Mart. There is hope for humanity.

  11. Thank you! When I live at school Walmart is my only option for groceries so yay:))

  12. New subbie!!! I love your personality!! So fun!!

  13. This dude is super vegan fruity…. You got a little sugar in your tank bud

  14. My Walmart got all these goodies on the baking aisle this year! So many choices

  15. otherwise all good but om how big quantities of package there! weight wise there is more package than food. you should analyse recyclebility also
    and mooooore packageeeeesssssss:S
    organic and vegan enthusiast should cut way more down on packages also

  16. Lindsay Toussaint

    yeah. he just not a new subscriber. he's hilarious!

  17. Just an FYI everyone…if your vegan or if your just a person with basic human decency…DO NOT SHOP AT WALMART. Walmart has unethical business practices, there is tons of exploitation of their employees in the US and worse in other countries. They have workers overseas that have to live with their whole family, sometimes up to 9 or 10 people in a one bedroom. Their entire paycheck goes back to walmart for food etc. And they can never make enough money to get out of that living situation. Its sad, unethical and inhumane. They also drive out all local businesses and destroy local economies. Remember that small mom and pop store/family owned business that was down the street your whole childhood and then had to close down? Thats from Walmart. Dont contribute to this just to save a few dollars. Go to Trader Joes or your local alternative, you can still save money and know that your money is going to good causes and ethical practices. Educate yourself of living in an ethical way, be a part of the solution not a part of the problem. I say this with honesty, love & much Metta….not to argue.

  18. Great video!! I prefer not to shop at Walmart but I am really glad they are offering a lot of good vegan options and organic food.

  19. Seriously? Supporting a company like Walmart when you talk about the inhumane treatment of animals as a key component of your veganism is not only wrong, but it turns you into someone who puts animal welfare about human's lives. Walmart not only takes advantage of their employees, but keeps so many of them below the poverty line so they will use their food stamps and EBT cards AT Walmart–essentially giving the Walton family a double-dip into federal money. ALONG WITH THAT, most of their products aren't humanely or ethically produced.

  20. You're so funny. I love how excited you are.

  21. My Walmart doesn’t have these things….

  22. This has to be at 7am when the shelves are fully stocked and the produce is mad fresh.

  23. Loved this!

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