Vietnamese Pho Vs Burmese Khao Suey ALL VEGETARIAN FOOD in India

Veggiepaaji will show you Two most Popular Noodle Soup- Pho and Khao Suey. Both are Veg and extremely different. Pho is the national food of Vietnam and …


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  2. It is pronounced as fah not fo

  3. it is good to see that you are covering which no other channels has covered

  4. I watch all your video bro

  5. Gjbbb video bhai

  6. Bhai these are not completely veg but still nice..please let us know when are you coming to kolkata would love to host you

  7. I love indian food…..I love my india….Bahar ka khana indian food ki jagah nhii le sakta…But nice vedio

  8. Y abi tk subscribe ni kiya tha hyuki non veg ni banate lakin ab kar rha hu kyuki asi noodle mai dhudrha tha k india m kahi milti hai ya ni thank u so much awsome video

  9. Chí Thiện Nguyễn

    That Phở didn't look likes a Phở to me. I live in Vietnam and I seen a vegetarian Phở in Vietnam before. The soup of phở have the bone of pork or meat or Chicken's bone as it main ingredient for the soup's fat and sweetness. Without it, Phở's soup isn't phở's soup. Phở always have Chicken or Beep go with it.

  10. Waaa apka to jabab nhi…kha se late ho esa bhojan

  11. Nice video

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  13. 6:10 I think he know Hindi and you also so

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  18. Gud job guys

  19. Mujhe bhi Khao Suey dekhne me n recipe wise bot interesting lagi… I will definitely go there n try this new cuisine. Thank You so much Veggie Paaji… n sach me chopstick pakadni mujhe bhi ni aati.. par kya jaata h humein khane se matlab hai… 😛

  20. International khane ki dishes ki or videos banaye delhi ncr me.

  21. I liked this video.I appreciate that you showed some international veg food this time about which I had asked for in your earlier video comments.I would appreciate a lot if you show a lot of international veg food as I am keen to know what options vegetarians have internationally.

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    Great videos and also I tried chaap burger it was great I stay in rohini too so hoping to see you someday

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