Veggie Tortilla Wraps – Easy School Lunch Recipes – Weelicious

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  1. I'm making this for first day of school

  2. I love weelicious!!! Can't wait to make this! I'm vegetarian and I can never think of anything other than salad and fruit that's tasty and healthy

  3. Nummies and Yummies

    Can we add tuna

  4. What can I use instead of humus?

  5. du bist sehr sympatish ♡

  6. I wanna be a vegetarian but I love MEAT

  7. Thank you 4 Sharing your recipe with me , looks nummy

  8. Waiting for, by visiting this page: : You will get a free E-Book on "40 Vegetarian Recipes"

  9. That's not going to last long. Kids like crips and maybe a bar of chocolate with their lunch as well.

  10. Nice video! But I'm allergic to carrot so I have to put something else

  11. I really liked these recipes I hope you put some more videos

  12. Can u make more vegan recipes I love this one 

  13. love it! I'm going vegetarian starting tomorrow and i really want to make it !!

  14. You make good recipes and you're entertaining…unlike some people you dont just give a recipe you entertain us too! Subscribed, and i was wondering, do you know any recipes that use celery?

  15. you will never know how much i love these RECIPES 

  16. Are those golden raspberries orrr am I just tripping?

  17. wow thats bland lol 

  18. so you going to make it, but won't give out the recipe! be for real!

  19. Seems a bit blend.

  20. That seems like a lot of fat in the wraps. But looks good.

  21. im a pescatarian :)

  22. love vegan food 😀 thanks for this recipe !

  23. I thougth you broke your right hand, than I saw it was a bracelet :s

  24. Livi beautylover990

    Did you know I'm vegetarian I'm probably the same age as your child I love your videos

  25. Livi beautylover990

    Did you know I'm vegetarian I'm probably the same age as your child I love your videos

  26. klncsdnklcds klcdcsds

    where can i buy that lunch box?

  27. What do I use if I don't have hummus

  28. I love this it's healthy and it has no meat.

  29. Sooo pretty

  30. I might have to try this. Looks delicious.

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