Veggie-stuffed Zucchini | Shilpa Shetty Kundra | Healthy Recipes | The Art Of Loving Food

By using common vegetables such as a brinjal (baingan), I’ll give a wholesome veg recipe a delicious twist! Follow the video and get ready to dig into a …


  1. Recipes veg.all

  2. Vegetarian Kids Hindi

    nice recipe. Thanks for sharing.

  3. She not famous in Bollywood now and she is trying YouTube now

  4. I don't like zucchini but will definitely try this. Thank you 🙂

  5. Waiting for ur Mashroom Dishes !!! Thankz a lot once again . Namma Ooru Karnataka!!!

  6. like for shilpa…

  7. I don't get all the hate comments " change your nail colour" "home wrecker" "ewww vegetables do Indian food" "your hair is fried"… people I know you get to have an opinion but didn't your parents teach you at all to have respectful ones?? Either way there is nothing wrong with veggies that aren't deep fried in oils. India has a lot of people with diabetes, heart problems and so on because of the greasy food that is eaten. You don't have to have oily, fried, overly salted food in order for it to be good. There are a tone of Indian veg recipes out there. I think what's bothering most is the lack of Indian spices….so spice it up. She's giving an idea so run with it in a healthy mannerism and add your favourite spices to it. But stop acting like such babies on here and complaining about the most superficial things. It's like you're looking for things to hate just because. Plus, if you think you can do better…prove it! Start a YouTube of your own and see if you can do better. There have to be others out there with recipes that are healthy and fun at the same time.

  8. bade loo k chonchle

  9. Tajinder Randhawa

    her hands r so fuckin ugly

  10. Tie your hair shetty

  11. Who directs these stupid concepts?No one mentioned budget friendly Snake Gourds than the expensive Zucchini? Your Fusion Cooking Skills is very poor.

  12. aunti aap hi khao ye…..

  13. at 4:11 it says 1/2 cup Green Chill who's editing these videos…

  14. llǝʍpɐƆ ʎǝuoq

    wow.. her hair looks more fried than the food.

  15. home wrecker started to cook…nonsense..focus on what you are good at Shilpa…plz stop behaving like teenagers

  16. Are you making this channel for Indians ?? Quinoa, zucchini,asparagus, rocket 😀 😀

  17. Deshi kitchen sudha recipe

    yummy mam

  18. Please follow basic kitchen hygiene . Tie your hair up !

  19. Please chnge ur nail color as well all time i saw its black black and again black

  20. angel in my hand

    cobalt de venta..really??? i dont know what to say..ur comments are already gone. hope u read dis..u r a nice person.i like u.

  21. which pan or cookware u use mam

  22. Mrignayani Katte

    honestly I neither find her recepies particularly healthy nor of anything new. it is just her fame that is running around. Her Yoga is always the best

  23. mam plzz give more veg dishesh

  24. is anyone notice 8:40 hair stick to the spoon

  25. Ajay Kumar Mishra

    i watch this channel not for recipe but to listen shilpa's voice..its so heeling and removes stress..☺

  26. Who will eat it?

  27. I'm really hungry now…

  28. Nice

  29. too much yyum from a boring veg, thank you , please do a ideal diet for weight loss.

  30. super Bakwas !!

  31. tasteless food ko bass Shilpa hi tasty kar sakti hai. mouth watering!!

  32. Notice her voice when ending a sentence in English .

  33. Shilpa you are very very beauty ful

  34. Chhavi Aggarwal

    only 199 likes !!

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