Veggie Nuggets

Customize & buy the Tasty Cookbook here: Here is what you’ll need! Veggie Nuggets Servings: 6-8 (makes 40-50 nuggets) INGREDIENTS …


  1. Did they just cook barf?

  2. finally something for me 🙂 <3 thank you tasty and for those who havent noticed im vegan transgender atheist who vapes and crossfits 4 times a week and Im also male feminist who identifies himself as a prastafarian apache helicopter dog multi combo of hyper death and if you dont agree with me you are nothing more than sexistic globaphobic lesbian

  3. Severus.Snape.FanGirl

    Any suggestions for substituting the broccoli because I can't eat it.

  4. Antoinette Warner

    Eggs aren't vegan

  5. This looks so good!

  6. great recipe and idea… my mom is a stroke victim due to high blood pressure and she love nuggets so this is a great idea but I would like to know if you know the sodium level of this ? if not then it is okay .. cause some ingredients may not come with nutrient facts.

  7. Miguel Angel Chavez Vasquez

    hahahahaha nuggets vegans with egg? hahahahaha

  8. Blaise Flowers V

    what could i use in place of the egg?

  9. Fathurrahman Prasetyo

    Well Nuggie Veggies Is Allowed For Diets Menu Well

  10. Fathurrahman Prasetyo

    I Love You Channel "TASTY" You Makes My Way To Cooking Is Easy Somuch
    And More Recipes Is Always Greats Ideas

  11. dang you eggs

  12. I'll use oat flour in the mix and whole wheat breadcrumbs for the coating. plus, I think they can stand as meatballs (different shape, no coating) in a pasta dish with marinara x

  13. Sophia Balfour

    this was really good..addicting to eat and I'm a picky eater!

  14. Nicola Leopardi

    veggie with the egg omg

  15. great! now i can make my own meat substitute! this is gonna be great!

  16. I bet this could be veganized by using chickpeas to bind instead of egg 🙂

  17. Kenny McWhoreDick

    why do people make healthy alternatives to junk food? i eat a lot of crap that isnt good for me and i still weigh 130lbs.

  18. this makes me want to cry… it looks so sad

  19. looks burnt af

  20. who else had to stop the video after they added egg because you thought it said 'vegan nuggets'?

  21. eggs are my favorite vegetable

  22. Stephanie Balchan

    Reads veggie nuggets, sees egg… Errr… Ohhhh k tasty.

  23. Come for the recipe, stay for the dope music.

  24. mrandmrs Hashmi

    in Pakistan its called "sabzi ki tikian"

  25. Ainun Thaqifah

    oh i thought it would be vegetarian :/

  26. a vegan subtitution for the egg?

  27. Trencher Nights

    Has anyone actually tried these? Are they decent?

  28. adrian ramlochan

    Umm……. A egg?

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