Veggie Fried Quinoa | Dinner LIVE

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  1. I love this idea of live cooking. Please keep them coming.

  2. Desirée López de Jesús

    cauliflower pizza please!!

  3. I think the "shushing around" comment makes me think of a discount Rachel Ray

  4. Is there an alternative to soy sauce? I know its a huge flavor but I can't have soy and would like to try making things like this! I like this series! I hope you make more of them!

  5. I love it but the quality is fuzzy. Can you fix that?

  6. I love that the video is not super long. And I love the recipe. One tip, show fire safety. Always handles to the side, not where you might hit them if you move and throw all hot stuff and the pan on you and have serious burns.

  7. LOVE THIS!!!!

  8. Is this going to be every Thursday?

  9. cesar giral santana

    I like a lot this vídeo! Just take care about audio for the next one. Congrats!

  10. pénélope Bocquet

    I absolutely loved it ! Great idea ! I'm watching you from Paris so your dinner time is not mine ahah but pleaase! Keep on doing those live vidéos, it's just great !

  11. Yummmmmm!

  12. Honestly, my only criticism is the weird resolution, this was great to watch! You did so well live, I probably would have accidentally slipped a bad word or spilled all of the soy sauce in the pan lol

  13. I love ur Channel .how can I buy your book because I am all the way to england

  14. love this series.

  15. I loooove your channel!! Greetings from Honduras!!

  16. I really enjoyed it 🙂 You looked very professional as always, which I think not a lot of other people do in live videos. Another thing that usually puts me off about live videos is that they're often way too long like over 30 minutes, so I'm glad to see yours wasn't one of those ^^ Perfect video! Can't wait to see you with Alyssia next week 😀 (even though I can't watch it live due to my timezone lol)

  17. This was so cool! Im going to make this for my family today!!!

  18. you did such a good job! i love the live videos

  19. I was wondering if you could do a video about omelettes and different variations of it for breakfast or whenever you want to :)

  20. Looks very tasty!
    But.. do you have a drone flying there or the cam hanging on a lamp? You are already talking so hectic, no offend, I like it, but then also this constant movements like on a boat on a highend windy sea, are very energy-sucking all thoghter.
    Now I need a healthy big meal to regain energy. :)

  21. What I love the most about your channel is that you always do an veg option! Thanks for this! <3

  22. Hi what's your snapchat I wanna send u my replica

  23. Loved it!!!!!!

  24. the quality for me looks like its filmed with a potato :D

  25. Please stop talking for at least 3 sec from time to time. I love your videos but watching you live with that neverending talking made me really tired;) Great recipe!

  26. There is also issues with the audio. The echo is interfering with you speaking.

  27. you are lovely

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