Veggie Chilli Recipe | Kerryann Dunlop

This recipe serves 10, so you should have plenty left over to freeze and use another time. I love batch cooking, and this tasty and wholesome family meal is …


  1. Looks delicious and most definitely HEALTHY!!!!!!

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  3. LOVE this recipe, it was delicious! I halved the recipe and that will still feed my family of 3 at least 2 or 3 meals

  4. Hi it's a indian receipe I like it

  5. That's made me a veggie man

  6. Chaitali Chakraborty

    Looks so yummy! Can I drop to just red lentils and corn instead of green lentils?

  7. That looks amazing,Kerryann.I love your recipe videos and your down to earth approach.Thanks.

  8. I don't know what to say without being offensive

  9. I was drooling the entire video! I gotta give it a go one day! My ex boyfriend used to cook chilli con veggie and I loved it! I guess now I can do it myself lol

  10. Thank you Kerryann for this recipe. I shall definitely try it and it looks awesome. Best wishes Ann in South Australia.

  11. i've been stuck for ideas for dinner etc thanks for this, i have heeeaaps of beans and lentils and rice in the cupboard

  12. looks yummy

  13. Don't have onion and leek at home so I'm gonna try this with peppers and celery. also I don't like celery but bought it yesterday anyway. I might just go and buy the onion and leek but let's see what happens.

  14. Hi Kerryann. this was my first vegetarian meal i made. Everyone loved it. I am now officially a vegetarian. Whoop whoop. Thank you. x

  15. Oh my….this was delicious. Just a quick note though – I didn't have enough of everything on hand so I halved this recipe. It still fed a hungry family of 4, 2 of whom had seconds and I froze half of it. It makes a LOT.

  16. OMG, Where the bloody heck have I been…? Cannot believe I hadn't seen this channel. So pleased to have found you. This girl can throw down lol, Kerryann, Please please please can you do more veggie and vegan recipes. x x x

  17. looks amazing!!! 🙂

  18. Hannes Jacobsson

    Chili sin carne

  19. I made this chili about 20 times, and I love it so much! It's really comforting and it tastes amazing!

  20. Just made this. OMG it was amazing. I reduced the amount  smoked paprika as my daughter isn't overly fond of it. Didn't have a leek so used up the frozen mixed peppers that were lurking in my freezer.The best chilli I have ever tasted and I am not exaggerating..

  21. Im vegan and I love that your cooking vegan food, im opening a vegan food van actually so I might browse some more of your recipes. Thank you! 😉

  22. Trying to go meat free a couple of nights a week – made for family tonight – just finished eating – my carnivore son had 2 bowls – success!! Everyone really enjoyed it – great recipe.

  23. i don't agree with the dry cube. 99.9 % is chemical. but be rest looks nice

  24. Looks delicious.

    However, the suggestion to serve extra large portions because it is 'healthy' only encourages people to consume excessive calories, which is in turn unhealthy. I wouldn't even say it's healthy given the huge amount of carbohydrates.

    Having said all that I would still eat it 🙂 just less.

  25. Great dish!! the kind I would love to eat with my family when go visit. it's a lot like Indian, except that in India we would soak and cook the lentils and/or beans in a pressure cooker first… takes about 15 min in pressure… then mix into the chilli tomato sauce.. and simmer for a few min.

  26. all your recipe's are so good and easy enough for people who don't cook. love it! definately going to try this

  27. Is it ok to double up on the leeks and onions to the recipe?

    also is there anything you can recommend to replace lentils? If so would quorn mince work at a push?

  28. This channel is amazing! Your British too! Bonus!! ❤️

  29. OMG! THAT LOOKS AWESOME!! Now i'm hungry 🙁

  30. Kerryanne, it is important (for the taste) that the vegetables and other ingredients are chopped and cut evenly (more or less same size) because they are cooked evenly, which makes the dish more tasty and more round in taste. The Hindus do their curries like that, it contributes to the yummyness 😀 Gosia

  31. Please Please continue uploading those greate videos of yours. Ive learnt quite a lot through watching them 🙂

  32. I just made this and it is absolutely delicious! i can't believe i never knew about it.

  33. Can I skip the oregano and coriander? Not keen on them, but maybe I won't taste them when it is done cooking?

  34. Claudia EC135 T2

    Great video thank you for this recipe! I am a big Fan from Austria, I Love you and your Videos

  35. Yeah I'm definitely trying this!

  36. John Wong Kim Siong

    can this be batch-cooked and frozen?

  37. Just finished my third plate of this! Its quite easy to make and the result is amazing. Above all the combination of spices makes it taste soo good, almost a bit like an Indian flavour 🙂 Thanks Kerryann for the recipe! Richard

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