Veggie Breakfast Casserole | Brunch Month

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  1. Senora Feinstein

    Looks great! But…. I am VERY allergic to dairy sooo……this is not a good choice. 🙁 It is very hard to do breakfast with my condition.

  2. I'm not even vegan but this is a great meal to prep for work or for family!! So good!

  3. Sara, what's your take of the veg sausage? I found them very rubbery. Is there any way to work with the texture?

  4. Do you have any quiche recipes?

  5. shambhavi sharma

    for us indians vegetarian is without egg ? can you tell what can be used as a replacement for egg ? +TheDomesticGeek

  6. This is not vegetarian it has eggs

  7. Purple Sunflower

    This would be good for a picnic !

  8. Andjeo Sa 2 lica

    Wich camera do you use?

  9. Michelle Animates

    Sometimes when I watch this I feel very stupid because I don't know what half of these ingredients are.

  10. Hangry Girl Hanging

    Looks delicious! Loved the bright colors of all the veggies. And that yummy smoked gouda… Perfect

  11. i just want to say my friend is a vegetarian and she did not eat onion, garlic, and schalotte. Is there any replacement for them or cooking without them is fine?? (p.s. my vegetarian friend told me garlic and co is not really good in the body for those who only eats veggie)

  12. Omg. Smoked Gouda…my fav~

  13. This looks so yummy. I wouldn't call it casserole though. With the egg added to it this looks like a vegetarian pastry free quiche or frittata

  14. this best

  15. Ricky and Leslie Hatheway

    I want to make this but without the Vegan sausage, just the yummy veggies.

  16. Just made this and it was perfection THANK YOU!!!! Xxxxx

  17. For a future series, I would love to see vegan/vegetarian/healthier versions of foreign food staples

  18. isn't this just a frittata

  19. So many colors in this casserole. I love it but is milk required for this recipe?

  20. I can't wait to make this. Thank you! It looks so good!!

  21. I would call this a frittata or a quiche.

  22. this not vegetarian

  23. what can i substitute egg with??

  24. eggs r not counted as veg

  25. can eggs be substituted for something else?

  26. It's 1:32 a.m. Oh my god kms

  27. Is egg non veg

  28. lovely recipe. I just wonder why a lot of vegetarian recipes need to have a meat substitute, aka the "veg sausage". but really cool recipe, ill be trying it this weekend.

  29. She's so adorable and sweet love her recipes 😀

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