Vegetarians Try Veggie Fast Food Options

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  1. Yentl Van Breugel

    I want more vegetarian fast foods in the netherlands. we dont have much.

  2. heeyy tan ur mansplaining is triggering me

  3. hooters has an amazing veggie burger/patty ! and taco bell always comes through ❤

  4. I'm not even vegetarian anymote but I still order a veggie burger everytime I go to Burger King. Fun Fact: Morning Star created the burger just for them and you can't get it anywhere else.

  5. Ok I'm vegetarian but I cannot understand the girl crying because of food

  6. FYI the In N Out veggie burger isn't real vegetarian. A pig had to be slaughtered to make the cheese which contains animal based rennet. Most cheese require the killing of cows and pigs to make and are not real vegetarian.

  7. The British girl with the purple twists and the girl with her were so cute

  8. Egg white bread is not vegetarian. Its made from an EGG !

  9. It's yo boii Emily

    Veggie Cantina Burritos from Taco Bell at soooo good,, also off topic just a little but there are fiesta potatoes from taco bell that have sour cream and cheese and they are soo so so good.

  10. crying after biting into food, what has she never eaten before?

  11. They wouldn't run out of ideas as much if they didn't post like 3 times a day.everything they do is a repetition

  12. you should do this again but with vegans!

  13. Boring Boring-ness

    i tried the burger king one and it's absolutely disgusting, it's sooo greasy and it literally tastes like lamb fat. gross. just because it's a burger doesn't mean it HAS to taste like meat. i'm vegetarian and one of the reasons for that is that i find meat to taste gross.

  14. dorothyperkins92

    vegans eat eggs ?

  15. owwww the manspreader is here

  16. thumbs down cause "man spreading"

  17. I'm hungr now

    darn it

  18. i love that girl's purple hair!!! i never thought purple hair would look good with darker skin (hence why i haven't got the courage to try it) but omg!!! i just might eventually once i finish school

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