Vegetarian Thai Green Curry Recipe by Archana's Kitchen

The Vegetarian Thai Green Curry is close to authentic thai made from homemade green curry paste with the vibrant fresh hot chilli peppers and green coriander …


  1. Thank you

  2. Suraj Chaudhary

    Yummy! Can't wait to try it! Thanks for the info

  3. Yummy! Can't wait to try it! Thanks for the info

  4. good cooking but something missing
    u can add also palak past
    than coming good green colour

  5. greetings from Colombia south america, I like the way you explain the recipe thanks!

  6. what kind of grinder that you using here maam, I cant find one that finely grind wet and dry spices so well 🙁

  7. Great recipe.. Just wondering where I can get wedgetables from? 🙂

  8. But it wasn't green???

  9. Im in bangalore and im not sure where i can get the fresh lemon grass stalks… Any chance i can substitute with dried lemon grass from a brand called keya?

  10. justin rinehart

    Thank you so much for the recipes and the videos ! can you please tell me exactly how much salt you are using each time ? much appreciated !

  11. AbisCookiebreed

    Looks delicius, but here in Mexico, i dont know where to finde the lemongrass, i'll keep searching. Thanks <3

  12. Sydney Silver Show

    Great Vids, keep up the good work

  13. I made this today Archana! It was really yummy!

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