Vegetarian Thai Food in Bangkok | Chamlong's Asoke (จำลอง สันติอโศก)

If you eat a strict vegetarian or vegan diet, and you are in Bangkok, one place you should totally visit is Chamlong’s Asoke. This is a food court that is exclusive to …


  1. The herb is called Pennywort in English, Rau Ma in Vietnamese and Brahmi and Gotu Kola in India. It has multiple health benefits.

  2. Nice…but you should ask how the way to eat it…cause you eat wrong…there a sauce with it…

  3. It’s called Centella Asiatica or Gotu Kola

  4. That green leaves in Thai called "Bai-Bua-Boke (ใบบัวบก)" and the common English name is Gotu Kola, Asiatic Pennywort, or Indian Pennywort (You need to google it). It is quite a nutritious vegetable, but the most well-known usage of this vegetable is to cure you of any physical bruise. There is a Thai joke about this veg as well that it can cure you of a heartbroken (emotional bruise) too. It used to be served as a type of drink by blended and squeezed for the juice. It's quite a greenery, which is difficult to drink, so they serve it with the ice and honey or syrup. But lately, they become a very well-known as a side vegetable dish for PadThai or all kind of 'Yum' (Thai salads).

  5. Was there today 3rd March 2018 and its all closed.

  6. Leave on Pad Thai is "Bai Boa Boke" ( pennywort)detail on wiki –>

  7. A nice option if you visit JJ Market on the wknd. 

    Keep up the great vids. Really good content!

  8. just for me to learn, live & laugh

    Everything looks so good! Fantastic videos, keep it up!

  9. vegetarian food can be. very delicious, Ive had similar over here would love to try one day

  10. That rice paper roll look edible and colorful.

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