This place is a heaven for vegetarians. Tamil food cooked with authentic flavours. Edited by – Tanish Follow him …


  1. bunny the traveller

    bhai aapko haath se khane bhi nai aata hai..

  2. Kabi bengali thali ka b video banau

  3. Is GHEE safe for dogs

  4. Address for the place u visited

  5. Nice sir

  6. You have to interact more politely with the owners and you do not listen, you be rude at times.

  7. Bindass Foodiiee

    Nice one
    I'm also a foodiiee

  8. Excellent bhai

  9. Anubhav Tripathi

    He works very hard but his channel is not getting much views why

  10. Excellent Nikki bhai

  11. Sarkari News 247

    Bhaia food channel mai aapse best bnda poore india mai koi nhi hai u r best

  12. Nikhil Bhai badhiya hai super

  13. Ragavan Dhanam

    Very good taste traditional south indian food

  14. Prabhu Soundarrajan

    Excellent south indian authentic tasty food in mumbai.Really appreciated.

  15. Mallikarjun Kudale

    Why are using both hands to break the paratha. You are not supposed to use left hand at all.

  16. Boss originally they serve directly on leaf not in steel bowls

  17. Makrand Gandhi

    Sirji, aapne sab to katori se khaya…kele k patte ka benefit kaise milega? They did not serve properly

  18. Suresh Gungune

    Love south Indian food because I am from south
    Love your videos

  19. Bhai tu jindagi me Kabhi haath se nai khaya na?

  20. Bhai Ho Sake To Kerala Ke Onam Sadhya food Ka Bhi Video Banao

  21. Technical Learning

    Banana leaves ke upar to roti aur papad ke alwa kuch hai hi nahi nikhil bhaiya baki sab to katori aur bartan mein hain to banana leaves pe khane ka fyada kya hua here banana leaves use as a base ki khana table pe na gire

  22. Sir south Indian meals ka maza hath se khane mein aata hai

  23. Sir …. This is served traditionally on ONAM festival … If you want a authentic experience .. during ONAM South India people invite us to thier home … They give around 15 different types or more than that … It's really awesome …and a must try

  24. Are you supposed to eat all the food on the leaf yourself, or are you supposed to share it? There is so much!

  25. Kya yar hat se khana bhi nai sikhe ho
    Indian ho yar achhe se khana sikho


    Ek dum tatti vdo hai .tatti ko 10/10

  27. Bhai tujhe hanth se khana ni ata

  28. Sir aap Rajendra ex dhabba ka video dalo pls apse request h vaha ka aap mutton korma aur chicken curry jarur try karna

  29. whatsapp videos

    Use five fingers to eat

  30. First learn how to eat with the ✋, eating with spoon then also using his left hand how disgusting, use your five fingers to eat.

  31. This is in which state

  32. Desi Food Lover

    Wats the benefit of banana leaf…..if u have to eat on plates and bowl…..

  33. Desi Food Lover

    I also love to eat on banana leaf

  34. Bro go to taste of Kerala best Keralite food on banana leaf its in churchgate

  35. This is not authentic Tamil style, they should be serve in banana leaf not in bowl

  36. Phr se kyu upload kia?

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