Vegetarian Tacos | Kin Community

Hungry for more? Savor tasty KIN EATS videos & recipes here: See the full recipe by clicking on “Show more” below! After 2 days of chicken, …


  1. Thanks for making something for veggies like me 🙂

  2. really nice and thank you for sharing

  3. Beautiful

  4. LOVE IT ! This dish makes me hungry 😉

  5. Franchesca Guerrero

    Great dish

  6. Can I use regular, medium firm tofu instead of extra firm?

  7. I thought I'd miss the meat in a taco, but this blonde chick really knows how to make veggies not suck. It turned out lovely. Like her vids.

  8. I have to try this, I can already tell it is going to be good!!

  9. wooooooah you should never put bell peppers in salsa. but other than that, this looks delicious!

  10. Awesome recipe!!! I have been

  11. I know they so totally do!

  12. God, I Wish You guys had more Subscribers! Your Vids are so Fun & Simple, they Deserve more Views!! Lol.

  13. Looks delish!

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