Vegetarian style: Thai Basil fried potatoes and Broccoli for my dinner

2 cups of Russell Potatoes 1/2 cup of chop veggies (onion,bell pepper, Red pepper) 1/2 cup of Fresh Thai basil Garlic powder Sea Salt Black Pepper 3 Tbs Olive …


  1. if your cook book is already out please send me s link so o can get one. thx.

  2. LOL! Mama Rosa you are on FIRE!!!! "SHUT YO MOUF"

  3. So easy and simple, love it!!!

  4. Looks yummy! I’m going to try this!

  5. I make a variation like that instead of using potatoes I make it using sliced carrots cut on the diagonal and sauté them with tri- color peppers and onions.

  6. I use fresh pressed garlic and adobo salt and dry oregano.

  7. You don't put cold food into a cold pan, it obsorbes the olive oil, so when you bite in to it it's lol eating a ball of grease

  8. "Shut yo mouth honey biscuit' haha yesss I love your bids new subbie

  9. Mrs. Rosa you look like you like 18 years old with the pony tails. You are really something. I will try this meal. thank you for sharing. Shaloam

  10. This is SO much better than watching Food Network.  I love your technique and I really appreciate your cooking REAL dishes using good and healthy basics.

  11. just made this tonight hmmmmm hmmmmmm good 🙂

  12. Looks real good… Great video!!!

  13. 8:26 is too funny!! "Shut yo mouth honey biscuits".. lol

  14. Them there taters looks  gude, kin i hab a plate?

  15. Very nice!

  16. startingover40 newlife

    I am going to make some today mmmmmmm

  17. startingover40 newlife

    I am getting one of those pans

  18. You should be on the food channel:)

  19. Awe so cute you in your pig tales God bless you

  20. Very tasty my love.

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