Vegetarian Stuffed Poblano Peppers How to recipe, only 220 Calories!

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  1. I wish I could like this video more than once!!

  2. Someone gave me some poblano peppers. I didn't know what to do with them. I found this recipe and tried it several times. So good. Now I am going to try this wth regular bell peppers I have on hand.Yumm!

  3. Thank you for the healthy Mexican recipe. I will try this! The traditional Chili Rellenos are high fat and cholesterol. Please post more healthy Mexican recipes.

  4. I 'm Mexican never see this cook like this

  5. The Brian Middleton

    She is so damn fine!!!

  6. v nice

  7. Radhika Balasubramanian

    Tried it and it was excellent.

  8. As a tip for stopping the cooking process, you can use an ice bath – just a large bowl of ice & water. Running water kinda works, but doesn't halt the process completely as quick.

  9. +Easy Cooking with Sandy I love your vegetarian recipes. I love mexican food and you are a great cook and teacher!! Thank you!

  10. Thank You for the vegetarian Recipe. Cant wait to try!

  11. I know what I'm making for dinner! I haven't made stuffed poblanos in a minute and this looks like a great variation! I may add some cooked shredded chicken to the mixture.

  12. TheSquishyMonster

    I need this in my life, Sandy!  I love how much flavor you've stuffed in those beautiful peppers!!!!

  13. Hi Sandy! Would you please make a video on how to make menudo?? Thand you!

  14. Fantastic recipe.  It's perfect for the healthy eating that we are all try to do this time of the year.  And it's gluten free too.  Hope you have a fantastic 2014.   🙂 

  15. This look very good. I am going to ry this recipe!

  16. Sandy these are excellent! OMG yum I'd love to try these. Can't get poblano peppers here though :/ any other substitute? Bell peppers I guess

  17. This looks delicious Sandy, love the guacamole side.  That's one pretty plate!

    Happy 2014 Sandy!

  18. Do you create your own recipes?

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