The Sorted Food guys show Ruth Crilly how to make a delicious vegetarian roast – a butternut squash wellington. Find the recipe here: …


  1. Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

    Loved your video!

  2. Great teeth

  3. Is it just me or is the recipe not on the website anymore? 🙁

  4. Sydney Silver Show

    Great Video!

  5. hey Ruth and guys from +SORTED Food . I always wondering, is there another way to wrap it up the squash? Maybe… cheese? It was hell for me to do it by myself, and I ended up using way too much puff pastry =/ The pancakes were either too think or too thick. Can I substitute or just… suck it up and do it? =P Hope you'll see this, as I'm about to start another round with the pastry…

  6. why does she have to have such sexy eyes? damn ruth is jsut way to hot !


  8. Yuuuuum

  9. OMG this looks SO delicious xx

  10. the funny thing is when we look at your photo and your expression is also saying YAY! LOL

  11. Haha Gordon Ramsay liked this.

  12. You can, but your pastry may get soggy 🙁

  13. Any cheese replacements for the lactose intolerant? 🙂

  14. why is there a layer of pancake and a layer of puff pastry? can it be completed without the pancake???

  15. Very nice and very creative indeed, I personally never thought of a vegetarian version of a wellington and actually I saw this video because Gordon Ramsay's channel liked it, so kudos!!

  16. Yes! Veggie Dishes!

  17. Gordon Ramsay liked this video.

  18. Would acorn squash be okay? I cut into the butternut squash and I dont think it's rippened….it was extremely hard.

  19. kinda looks like a Chipotle burrito~ :9

  20. ugh that looks delicioussssssss

  21. @msmintygreen I agree!

  22. I use strong tea instead 🙂

  23. Water will go some way to working, although not as good as egg or milk. Maybe try a soya milk?

  24. It'll keep for up to a week in the fridge… head to sortedfood(dot)com and search for "squash" for other options with the leftovers

  25. Great recipe!

  26. Georgina Ragazza

    Thank you for your lovely videos! 🙂 What can I use as a vegan alternative to an egg wash? Xxx

  27. I love sorted!!!!!!!

  28. marisol rodriguez

    This looks so yummy!

  29. yay yay yay! veggie dishes! more more more please!

  30. So this is the squash wellington you guys were talking about in the last Sortedfood video 😀

  31. great video

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