Vegetarian Spring Roll Recipe | No-Cook Recipe | Food How To

It’s easier to wrap spring rolls than you think! First, track down a package of dried rice papers from a specialty Asian market. Then, chop up a bunch of colorful …


  1. We use wax paper and or saran wrap to keep them from drying out. Thanks for the video!

  2. I'm am Vietnamese.

  3. FollowerofYahushua

    I love the creativity in this.

  4. The "tip" box is in the way!! Haha

  5. Her voice was frightening. I jumped when she started to talk….

  6. Fernando martinez

    It's also not how you make them haha cx

  7. Fernando martinez

    She said burrito lmao cx

  8. she should not put the whole rice paper into the bowl, just put your finger into the bowl and cover a lil bit water in all the paper, that help to you roll it more easy and tight. and the recipe is not really Vietnamese spring rolls. Anyway, the most basic of Vietnamese fresh spring roll depend on what you have in your kitchen, we play with food.

  9. Nobody really cuts their spring rolls…..

  10. I want to bathe you anna 😉

  11. That is the incorrect spring roll

  12. I love goi cuon! the best thing about it is you can but basically anything in it.

  13. Bánh tráng 😡

  14. Fresh spring rolls are better so the noodles will not get soggy if you're goi to leave them out or hard if you're going to put them in the fridge. Nice recipe though 🙂

  15. Love Vietnamese spring rolls personally – such a healthy meal. Thanks for sharing this recipe with us!

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  16. amylovesmakeup08


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