Vegetarian Sandwiches 4 Ways

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  1. Karthik Vempati

    What music is this?

  2. Seokjean shoulders

    How is egg vegetarian

  3. what the fuck is liquid smoke 1:18

  4. What is jackfruit


  6. Eggs are not vegetarian

  7. 1:16 anybody else hear follow you down by zedd? This be bringing up all the old bops. Im in tears

  8. Tianna Presler

    Just a quick pole… Who is a vegaterian and eats fish, who is a vegaterian who doesn't eat fish

  9. delicate sexual incentive less stand raw section less translate frustration.

  10. Jeanne Raymond

    girl that firts patty looks like the nasty burger from spongebob

  11. I'm so hungry right now I would actually eat those cardboard meatballs….

  12. Patrick Carroll

    01:56 Awesome tip!!

  13. Izzy Teh Narwhal

    liquid smoke SMOKE IS A GAS

  14. Where do I get the jackfruit.. always looking for it 🙁 would love to try it

  15. Echo Summer-Berson

    Any advice for cooking these with a soy allergy? Instead of soy sauce I know I can use coconut aminos, but what's a good substitute for tofu or tempeh in these recipes?

  16. Finally a vegetarian video

  17. Lmao Vegans and vegetarians

  18. haseena i a Khan

    How do u edit such videos..??.they r awesome

  19. I’m torturing myself while fasting

  20. Sathvika Krishnan

    Tasty, please stop with trying to replicate non veg recipes into veg. Vegetarian has its own variety of food and it’s not about replicating non veg tastes. Get your own creativity . We don’t care if it tastes like beef or pork.

  21. Put on my beats and just listen to this dope beat while watching food being made = therapeutic. With a blunt accompanied on the side…happiness can be so simple

  22. god damit vegan stop dislike

  23. Eggs vegan??

  24. The video is great and I love all your videos. But tasty you need to understand, Egg is NOT vegetarian. Just FYI! You should at least show an alternative.

  25. Why do you put yeast than fry a dish? You kill a yeast.

  26. In my country vegan people dont eat eggs cuz they think it like a baby chicken soo ??? What can i do ???

  27. If you want to eat a meatball sandwich, don't be vegan

  28. look people vegetarian food isnt making non-vegetarian recipes vegetarian like wtf pulled jackfruit really.

  29. How is egg veg ?????????!!!!

  30. Yasmine Mercier

    Laugh universe may msioxkg future define advise impress encourage recommend thereby.

  31. I usually cook tempe with sweet soy sauce and it's awesome

  32. I love how its vegetarian but its still called a meat ball. Please call it what it is.

  33. Haha the video is about vegetarian dishes and the very first one has a chicken egg in it.

  34. I would like to see some recipes that don't try to imitate meat. My reason for becoming a vegetarian was because I genuinely dislike the taste & texture of meat. Therefore, I'm not into imitation meat products or recipes. For example, I've never eaten a meatball sub, pulled pork sandwich or BLT when I ate meat so why would it now interest me as a non-meat eater? This is a great vid for a meat eater that would like to switch it up from time to time but not the best for a vegan or a vegetarian.

  35. Jasmine Fantasy

    I thought vegans can’t eat eggs…

  36. Yuriko Candelario

    Do the chocolate jiggly cake

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