Vegetarian Recipes – How to Make Kale Soup

Get the highly-rated recipe for Vegetarian Kale Soup at Watch this video to learn how to make a …


  1. I made this today. It was delicious. I am the only pesca/Vegan living in my home. I have this all to myself. Recommended.

    You are wondering what PescaVegan is?
    I made it up. It is a pescartarian going into the vegan stages. A pesca/vegan is pretty much vegan but only eats seafood. Join my group on facebook. Page name is called PescaVegan. The latest new diet. Created on the 18/04/16.

  2. Melissa Sahagun heathen

    I might switch the kale for spinach in this recipe too because I need to increase my iron intake.

  3. Melissa Sahagun heathen

    this recipe is insanely easy, I can't wait to try it!

  4. This had no flavor I had to add stuff to it :I

  5. Looks yummy

  6. I made this for dinner tonight. . and it is so Yummy! Thank you for all the dinner ideas. 

  7. can you tell me what is kale 

  8. Looks really good!

  9. Your thumbnail has HAM in the picture for this vegy dish,,,

  10. والتر ابيض

    خربتوا مرقتنا

  11. Which would go better, beef broth or chicken?

  12. Kulinary Kreations

    Good looking comforting soup!

  13. delicious!

  14. he allrecipes. im 13 years old but my favorite food when i come back from soccer training is Swiss potato dish. there are potato cubes with small pieces of omelet, some smoked chicken breast, cheese and unions in it. can you make a recipi with this because i only can buy it from a supermarkt but i want it homemade.

  15. lavendermemorylane

    This looks so good! Luv Kale and always looking for a great recipe! Thanks! :)

  16. This soup is just amazing can't wait to try it!

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