Vegetarian Recipe: Tacos (Vegan) | Edgy Veg

Taco Tuesday? This taco recipe is plant based, but tastes like a meaty caliente sensation! This vegan taco has everything you would want in a normal taco …


  1. kathleen swenning

    That looks flippin delicious!

  2. Love that picture of Nacho Libre in the background!!!

  3. Love the recipe but I feel like this video is low key a good example of how people still use Mexican sterotypes in media without thinking about how it could be hurtful. (i.e. the hat and music in the background)

  4. Your voice reminds me of zoey Deschanel. Thanks for the recipe!

  5. Use soft taco corn tortillas! Cilantro and onion with salsa. Marinate the tofu with spices and seasoning and you'll have some good tacos.

  6. I made veggie tacos for my family tonight 🙂 I used cauliflower for the taco meat though. I added tomato paste, cumin, paprika, chili powder, garlic, and onion

  7. PumpkinsnBlackcats

    I think a minced mushroom and scrambled tofu mixture would be a delicious replacement for taco meat.

  8. I'm vegan and I think Kale is disgusting

  9. Great video! I will be making these for me and my family! 🙂 Paula

  10. Looks like someone is trying to avoid the illuminati. Hee heee

  11. "I like it hard."

  12. Like you so much better without lipstick!

  13. Sydney Silver Show

    Great Vids, keep up the good work

  14. You're amazing, please never stop making recipe videos, you inspire me to cook 🙂 xxx

  15. It's true we love kale <3 You are so funny. Glad I stumbled on your channel. 

  16. "I like it hard"

  17. Nacho Libre in the back made my day!!  Thanks!!

  18. thats not mexican taco at all, jajaja we use corn soft tortillas, and chili is from texas, but love ur videos!, love from mexico

  19. hey i love these recipes!! <3 I have a challenge for you, can you make a quiche without using tofu?? if not, can you make a quiche? 
    mahalo =]

  20. Thank-you, another great video :). I have a question for you. I am a new vegan (since January) and I am going to a Greek island in a month and have no idea what vegan foods I can find in Greece. I have been to many Greek islands in the past and they are OBSESSED with their meat and cheese. Any advice/tips?

  21. Tacos!

  22. I always eat my tacos with some homemade chili, but next time I will add the kale and your queso recipe. 

    Love your hat 🙂
    and you always put cool pictures on your fridge

  23. Hard shell tacos are not tacos they are chips with meat

  24. looks great hon! I never thought to use like on my tacos, but gonna try that tonight! The way I do it is just with a taco kit, then I substitute the beef with veggi ground round. I use vegan cheese as topping!

  25. thanks for making this I never thought to use chili I will be making this today and I cant wait to see your Raw Food series.

  26. your videos are awsome and make me laugh so much 😀

  27. I love ur vídeos, but I just don't understand why use hard shells for tacos, hehehe the tacos are in soft corn tortilla, :> u should try it!! Saludos feliz 5 de mayo!

  28. Happy Cinco de Mayo Candice great taco recipe*

  29. mmm… it's almost meatlike.

  30. Oh I so want to make this with out the kale. I love kale chips but raw I just can't  eat it. It is a strange food! I make vegan taco's with egg plant. Super yummy! 

  31. Garlic Bread and Carbonara Spaghetti? I this possible for us Vegans. It would be a challenge for sure… What do you think?

  32. All your recipes are so full of fat. Can you make some high carb recipes?

  33. I would love to eat her vegan taco

  34. great video 

  35. As soon as you said "I will wait for you here" it froze. I think it's the internet saying go make tacos…so now I'm gonna make tacos.

  36. Deadcoolification unkown

    put your cheese on the bottom first in hard shells to act as glue when the bottom breaks.

  37. Loving this and you!

  38. you like it hard……….your videos are delicious and nutritious and fun and entertaining. there is also some kind of place where you can order non gmo tortillas as well.

  39. Love your videos! You're too funny! Thanks for sharing!!!

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