"VEGETARIAN" Recipe Relay Challenge | Pass It On Ep.10

10 minutes each. A vegetarian brief. Access to a bunch of ingredients. What else could they need? Maybe a solid definition on the meaning of vegetarian by the …


  1. I love how intense Ben is lol the huuuge sniff of one of his favorites scents!

  2. lotuswildflowers

    When mike picked barry…i literally said "no what are you doing" out loud. Sorry Barry.

  3. I nominate Barry's idea of “7 for not fucking shit up” as the new grading system

  4. I love how Barry thinks Jamie is the one that always screws it up. Adorable.

  5. Baz impassive blowtorching has to be the best part of this video

  6. MegaBlaziken 800

    Go in order of the current brownie point standings.
    Ties can be decided by the guys.

  7. Mike, you gave everyone a great start <3
    Great job boys. It looks amazing… and now I'm hungry.

  8. Why does thu tumbnail say fail this was great

  9. The real divisions here are Normals-Mike-Chefs

  10. Draw name randomly between turns for order

  11. My only question is why did Jamie scoop the spices from one pan to another just to pour in the coconut milk? Couldn't he have just poured the coconut milk into the original saucepan?

  12. Route 66 tour or American southern states foodie marathon

  13. Next Order: go alphabetical but backwards

  14. I guess Barry's peptalk worked.

  15. How about making a dish using pure gluten?

  16. Hero of the day–Ben, keeper of the secret lemongrass stash!

  17. Will you ever use the electric shockers again?

  18. Luciana Carvalho

    Barry, Mike, Jamie, James, Ben.

    Sorry Barry ♡

  19. Great job! Everyone did so well! Loved the order.

  20. Wow! I think this is the first time the boys actually managed to follow through with the dish from the start. Good job Mike!

  21. Mike & Baz: Good plan, good thinking!… haven't watched Jamie yet…
    EVERYONE did well! and I agree with Baz: why didnt someone cut up that pepper and add it? goes great with eggplant!
    I like "pick the next cook"!

  22. Mike, Ben and James, Jamie, Barry.
    I'd like to see another dessert battle that isn't just cookies

  23. I know that Jamie gets a lot of heat, but Barry is definitely getting the heat today. I thought that Jamie did really well in this PIO.

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