Vegetarian Recipe: Filet O Fish Copycat (Vegan) | Edgy Veg

Help me get 500 fishy-likes on this vegan filet by clicking on the thumbs up button! This Filet O Fish sandwich is so close to the real thing that you will have to do …


  1. Ramones

  2. Your nyan cat moment gave me cancer.

    …it’s a good thing I’m vegan so I can cure that.

  3. girly that a fried eggplant

  4. Why didn't you use any Old Bay or any seasonings besides salt?

  5. ……..

  6. A little boring but that's ok. Ppl enjoy different things. To each his own

  7. wooow. it looks yooo yummy <3

  8. My sister tried this. It didn't taste anything like fish and it was soft and mushy inside unlike flaky fish meat. It tasted like, umm, fried eggplant, which I love. So I put marinara sauce and mozzarella on it and called it an eggplant parmesan sandwich. My sister, however was quite disappointed with the outcome.

  9. a phenomenal filet o fish recipe, done professionally and taste just like a fish burger.

  10. Vegans make fake meat out of veggies all well and good, out of wheat gluten not so good, and  deep fried in oil, there is absolutely nothing healthy about that! I'll eat the fish thanks!

  11. Ahhhhh I love the ramones!

  12. What ingredients you used for wet dip and dry covering?

  13. Should’ve called this a Filet nO’ Fish

  14. Christopher Flores

    Omg you look so freaking different lol
    2014 hello

  15. She so damn silly

  16. I must be in a parallel universe where fried eggplants taste like fish. Soooo seriously strange – Rob Dyke

  17. This stupid bitch thinks an aubergine tastes of fish. Utterly dreary. There are much better vegan channels than this rubbish.

  18. Rentless Rentless

    How does she make the boxes?

  19. nice i really enjoy this

  20. What egg replacer do you use. I have not come across one that has a yellow colour. I have only found ones that are either white or clear.

  21. I stand with WADA

    lol that deep fryer looks like it's seen better days

  22. Good video but I would recommend seasoning and marinating the eggplant in oceany-tasting stuff like seaweed, vegan worcestershire, sea salt and black pepper, lime, dill, etc… All I saw here was deep fried salt water eggplant. Thanks for the idea though! Clearly I'm inspired.

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