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  1. Amarie.v.lifee *

    In this recipe, was it spicy to the point where you would start to fan your tongue even the slightest bit, or was the spice just a good kick of flavor to add a little more taste?

  2. "this is bum smackingly good" jesus hahahahah I'm gonna start using that

  3. Really liked your recipe … Thanks ….

  4. This is so great! Your kids are the cutest!!!

  5. Erica N. Padilla

    I love quinoa with chilli. I'm addicted. I get it downstairs in our local restaurant with cheese and a dallop of avocado! Yummmm

  6. "… and healthy cheese". LOL.

  7. Thank you for your video I really needed

  8. Just tried the recipe but unfortunately was lacking something. Added VEGETABLE STOCK to the mix and BOOM! It gave it that EXTRA dimension, that extra OOMPH! 

  9. im so gonna do that, thanks 🙂

  10. Lookin delicious! Will try this out 🙂 
    Quinoa is a weird word indeed, but where Im from we acctually pronounce it like you said you'd like to say it 😛 

  11. Looks great Barry! Can't wait to try it:) and your baby… So so cute!:)

  12. adorable children…recipe sounds delish…. ;o)

  13. My husband and I are trying to incorporate a few vegan or vegetarian meals into the weekly dinners. He loves beef and bean chilli so I gave this a go and it turned out wonderfully! The flavour was really good and so customisable as you said. My supermarket was out of regular quinoa so I bought flaked quinoa. When I cooked it, it turned out like porridge but once it was in the chilli is was fine and looked just like yours.

  14. More of these veggie recipes please Barry!

  15. you should be in ellen :O 

  16. O have to do This Dish 😀

  17. I thought it was pronounced Key Knower. My whole life is a lie.

  18. Victor Weinberger

    Your fingers must be bleeding! You reply to every comment? Wow! Respect mate! Hello from Germany!

  19. Hey Barry Could You Please Make Bread And Butter Pudding I Love It

  20. The Craft Beer Channel

    Looks awesome. Jonny is vegan for a week so you are a lifesaver!

  21. More of these, please!

  22. am a really fussy eater but this looks so good defo going to make this looks simple but very tasty thank u for all ur vids x

  23. The Lads Lounge!

    Barry sorry to trouble you again mate i've looked through most of your videos now, do you think you could show us how to make crisps? my fiancee is always asking me to try and make some or if you have please direct me to the recipe

  24. I have a request ! Pretty pretty please . . . You might not know what I'm asking for but I really want a recipe for the biscuits I had in primary school , it was always served with strawberry milkshake and I miss it soo much ! Do you know the biscuits I mean ? X

  25. Rebecca Kembery

    Hey Barry! i just say your ad on another channel and thought i could use this! The only things i can cook are scrambled eggs and tin tomato soup….
    I absolutely love green tea and i would love it if you could make something including it like a cake or something nice? :3

  26. Barry, first where did you buy the Quinoa? And also please put a warning on before you put anything up like this again! This is very sexy food!! 

  27. You kids are so well behaved shoveling that kwin-nower in their gobs.  Good work Daddy Chef.

  28. bambang sibarani

    can i substitute quinoa with steamed rice? please answer.. thx a lot.. greet from indonesia! 😀

  29. thank you vegan recipe! ARIGATOU!

  30. Jackson Firebird

    looks good mate . can't wait to try it out for my self tho ill probably have to make it with rice since i don't think any of my local super markets sell quinoa . 

  31. Risinglikeskyscraper

    Looks delicious 🙂 Quinoa is from south america (where i live) but sadly we don't eat it as often as we should in my country and it's actually really cheap here, i'm trying this soon!

  32. You say Lemon i say Bars     LEMON   BARS       LEMON    BARS
    Barry i think the crowd is getting impatient

  33. Make a huge outrageous cake

  34.  Looking good chef!

  35. How great that your lovely girls eat all kinds of different food. That's amazing!

  36. I love, and I do mean it ur vids that is keep up the great work not just good but great. I am 13 I have been cooking for 3 to 4 years now. When I say cooking I mean legit cooking that means realign do u have any tip for me 🙂 thanks

  37. Will definitely be giving this one a go – love food with a bit of heat 🙂

  38. finally a good way to cook quinoa 🙂 i love that stuff but lack ideas to use it 

  39. That looks delicious and easy to make! Great recipe for when my pescatarian son comes home.

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