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Vegetarian Meals Recipes Kathirikai Puli Kuzhambu Recipe: Paruppu Rasam Recipe: #vegetarian #meals …


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  2. Horrible.nd Insne amount of.xhillies yuxk..was.ezpextimg.something healthy nd delicious at the same time

  3. It's very nice recipe .. can u post next video in Tamil

  4. Mam kind help with recipes for college students. It will be useful for students in dorm

  5. Enaku piditha samayal

    Awesome sis

  6. Pls Mam u make a mushroom gravy in chettinad style

  7. Wow super

  8. Is milk pre-boiled or raw????

  9. Please share your tiffin variety and sidishes and what work in one day

  10. cooking and tips cafe

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  11. Wow cooking is a correct name for your channel

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  13. Very nice mam

  14. thank you for sharing.

  15. Super ur recipe, I really try recipe. Thank you sister

  16. Super mam… Tell us Non-vegetarian meals also…

  17. Padmaja Arlagadda

    Your recipes are fantastic mam… I love you

  18. Padmaja Arlagadda

    I made pori dosa today it is very nice mam

  19. I have tried some f d receipes mam… Very good….delicious.. Thank u so much for wonderful video's

  20. mam u r my inspiration love u

  21. Hai hema…I love your programme..all the best..

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  23. Good recipe

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