Vegetarian Meals For The Day

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  1. I get some people think eggs are vegetarian friendly but for me there are not. I know I’m not alone on this so for those who are wondering there is an online chef named Gemma Stafford who has a egg replacer sheet for different situations, so you guys and vegans too can check it out.

  2. WHY ?

  3. Also vegans = no eggs no dairy no flesh obv
    Vegetarian = no meat or fish, so yes we do eat eggs x)

  4. Yes thanks a lot !

  5. Any replacement for eggs in that banana pancake? I'm allergic to eggs. 🙂

  6. While people are triggered about the eggs they should be triggered about the cheese used in the potato (no pun intended) many cheeses like parmesan are made from cattle rennet. (excuse my bad english)

  7. make a curry dumb hippy

  8. Do try Aloo paratha as a vegetarian dish!!

  9. Mary Grace Colabella

    why are these called vegetarian meals when theyre more vegan meals due to none of the meals having animal products in them

  10. Hey Guys, the egg might not be considered as a vegetarian food item – pure vegetarians especially from Indian and many Asian origins strongly believed egg comes under non-vegetarian; my ask is – can you show a better vegetarian substitute for egg?

  11. so hard to find vegetarian food that is not high fat and high carb.

  12. I don't eat any vegetables. What kinds of meat and dairy products could I use to substitute?

  13. Where I live, most vegetarians including myself do not consider eggs as vegetarian.

  14. This is vegan

  15. You are using Eggs And Saying These Are Vegetarian.
    It's Shit

  16. eggs are not vegetarian

  17. Is anyone else weirded out by the cookies? Like they were vegan and that’s awesome, but they could have made any normal cookie recipe since one again, the title says vegetarian, not vegan.

  18. RevanElymist Gertrude

    To those of you not from America, vegetarian means you do not consume meat. Vegetarians can eat dairy products like eggs and cheese. People who don't eat animal products are referred to as vegan. It's okay to have cultural differences, but you have to remember buzz feed is an American company based in New York City.

  19. these are really good for me! thanks!

  20. When I put a cookie in milk all I tasted was a soggy cookie

  21. Pancake are not Vegetarian k, cause eggs are not Vegan food

  22. Bazmeg

  23. I thought this was vegetarian not vegan

  24. There are three types of vegetarian diets.
    A pure vegetarian diet or vegan diet, consists of only plant based foods, such as cereals, legumes, nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables. No meat and dairy products at all.
    A lacto-vegetarian diet includes everything except meat or eggs, however, milk and milk products are consumed.
    A lacto-ovo-vegetarian diet does not include meat, fish or poultry but includes milk, milk products and eggs which are consumed.

  25. I am a vegetarian but i love pozza i also eat chicken in some other things but specifically from the same place i eat fush from only 1 restaurant

  26. The sweet potato looked like poop
    I swear

  27. Eggs are not vegetarian!!!

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