Vegetarian meal prep with me | Meal Prep Sunday EASY

I think you’ll love this video! Vegetarian meal prep with me on my meal prep Sunday. I show you how to make three easy meal prep meals in 45 minutes AND they are all healthy meal prep meals!…


  1. Hi, loved your video and will make your meal prep this week. 🙂 a question I had is what is the name of the vegetable after the cauliflower and before the bell pepper? and when you put the veggies in the fry pan there was no oil at first right? sorry, I'm a young guy and starting to cook for the first time.

  2. Thank you sooooo much for this video, I am a new vegetarian and needed some help! So thank you❤️

  3. Organic is a marketing gimmick to jack up the price; you don't need to buy it. GMOs are safe to eat. Also, I think you need a bigger pan.

  4. This was great, can't wait for the book

  5. I love your channel, so many helpful tips, iv made your banana bread repice, so yummy. ❤

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