hey guys, today im showing you my vegetarian meal prep, which is 6 meals for around $25! (and high in protein!) – – – – – – – – – – – SOCIAL MEDIA SNAPCHAT …


  1. Yes, hunni. I just started my no meat journey. So I substitute eggs when I need some protein as well!!

  2. Gloria Hensley

    How did you incorporate the power greens?

  3. Also if you want to live healthy you have to talk like a woman

  4. If you want to make a video you have to poke it hard enough to bruise

  5. Don't ditch the eggs, nothing better than an egg baked in an avacado for breakfast sprinkle with a pepper sauce.

  6. Alberto Bertolin

    Is a tripod really too much to ask for?

  7. Meal prep looks good but the shaky cam was giving me an anxiety attack.

  8. I would probably skip the multivitamin with a healthy vegetarian diet and just go for B12 and D.

  9. Yes thank you!!! I've been vegetarian for years and it's always helpful to know what other people are eating!!!

  10. I love your vibe! would you eat all of these in one day?

  11. Ashlan Armstrong

    I really need u to n9t shake the camera #motionsickness

  12. the one person that disliked this video loves their meat mama

  13. Hunters_beauty

    You are a beautiful person!

  14. Wow everything looks so delicious, great video!!!

  15. Soaking dry beans first and dumping out the soaking water is a good idea. It gets rid of a majority of the components in the beans that cause gassiness (is that a word?). That's what I've read in several cookbooks and it seems to be true in real life for me.

  16. YAAAAS

  17. Karin Andersson

    chickpeas is high in protein and super tasty as well

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