Vegetarian Meal Prep Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner! Meal Planning – Mind Over Munch

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  1. What could you use instead of egg in the cookie recipe?

  2. Yummm! What type of sweetener do you usually use for the breakfast cookies? I imagine if it's an artificial sweetener, I'd use less than 1/2c… right?

  3. Did you make all these videos on the same day or just the intros?

  4. Could you do more salads in the future? I always run into a wall with them :/
    But these look amazing as always!! I’ll have to try and work that low-carb ebook into my budget

  5. I have to say, it’s nice to not have the wacky intros. While I can appreciate how much work goes into them, I usually just want to get straight to the recipes. Keep up the great work!

  6. Kimmy gibler?

  7. Can you do recipes for those that have really bad reflux and can't have anything acidic, with spice or pepper? I want some ideas for a friend of mine.. thank you

  8. Breakfast cookies = genius

  9. Thanks for sharing. Love these. Your hair looks great!

  10. Can you do some airfryer recipes?

  11. anyone knows any replacement for the pumpkin puree in the first recipe?

  12. I am making ALL of these. Thanks so much for sharing Alysia!!!!

  13. The recipes look so yummy! Thank's for sharing!

  14. Cookies for breakfast always works for me

  15. For the pumpkin spice cookie could you use honey as the sweetener?

  16. I admit that the last few days were just poop, but tomorrow is a new day and a new day to go grocery shopping for healthy foods! Can't wait : )

  17. That mango salad looks perfect!!

  18. The cauliflower bowl looks so good! 🙂 What was the song during that part?

  19. Elle Is For Living

    That curry cauliflower – YUM! ♥ Elle

  20. I think I'll try the cookies,then the potatoes. They all look delicious.

  21. Looks so good!! I want to try the cookies but im not the biggest pumpkin fan… do you think bananas would be a good swap?

  22. I'm glad I came across this video because I was running out of ideas for vegetarian options

  23. Everything looks AMAZING! I don't know why I'm confused about ginger paste. It's just pureed ginger, right?

  24. It's so hard to pick a favorite they look soooo good! when I'm fully grown I can start doing meal prep, anyways have a wonderful day and weekend

  25. how do you come up with all these amazing recipies

  26. looks so delicious

  27. YASSS just what i needed, thank you! p.s. cut the sweet potatoes in half length-wise before baking and it shortens baking time!

  28. I am making the cookies now. I didn't have pumpkin so I used carrot puree and just added extra spices to help make it a little sweeter. They taste very good.

  29. You know you're doing well when people visit your video just to dislike it for no reason at all! Congrats lol

  30. I feel like the camera should be closer to you when you talk, it makes it quite tvshow-like/impersonal when it's too far. Makes sense?

  31. Coming from a meat eater, all of these look lovely. I personally like the concept of cookies for breakfast and have yet to try pumpkin spice flavoured anything, so it's safe to say my curiosity is piqued

  32. Love that salad. For me, with the protein from the beans, the salad would be my main dish, and the sweet potatoes the side.

  33. Thanks for this! Im going to try the cookies and the mango salad

  34. These look great. Would the cookies be nice without sweetener, or do they really need some in the? @mindovermunch

  35. Do you think it would be as good as yours with a normal potato instead of a sweet one? Can't really eat sweet potatoes since I ate too much sweet potato's pie in my childhood and made indigestion 😀 now they taste like nausea to me ahahah 😀

  36. Hey Alyssia, I'm absolutely obsessed with your videos! I'm not sure if you've answered this anywhere, but is there a reason you prefer avocado oil to olive oil? Thanks!

  37. Malka Shulamit Kalish

    The mango side salad looks heavenly

  38. IMBUE - tasty recipes from russian man

    Very nice dish!No, it's really looking so good!

  39. It all looks delicious.And your hair looks very nice

  40. I wanna try them all! But, will probably start with the curry cauliflower cashew bowl. I just realised I have all the ingredients for that recipe at home!

  41. As always, fantastic Alyssia!! Happy Thursday!

  42. Gotta try them all!

  43. would love to see a vegan meal prep!!!

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