Vegetarian Lasagna Recipe – Mark’s Cuisine #31

Watch this video on how to make a Vegetarian Lasagna. This delicious recipe will have your family and friends mouth water. For the meat version check this …


  1. I was looking for a vegetarian lasagna and found heaps in the end decided to try this one, and I was pleased with the result amazing recipe tasty and easy, my all time favorite, sometimes I add mince meat with the tomato sauce , delicious 🙂 thank you

  2. i would make this weekend. Looks real delicious. Thanks for Sharing.

  3. Yummmm…I would try this recipe in home …..

  4. Thx Luv it very gud lasniaaa

  5. There is vegan butter?

  6. do some more vegi stuff indian will love u …n soon we cn see u in bollywood 🙂 :p

  7. Dam I'm hungry

  8. Just came here to know how to pronounce Lasagna .. 🙂

  9. Parmesan cheese is never vegetarian (unless stated otherwise).

  10. Looks very yummy!!

  11. Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

    Really liked your video!


  13. So you cook the veggies THREE times??? Oven, frying and oven again?

  14. Sydney Silver Show

    AWESOME! 🙂

  15. looks tasty but defo not easy!!!

  16. Maria Isabel Obciana

    I will try it

  17. Maria Isabel Obciana

    I will try it

  18. can't wait to make it…

  19. I didn't think mushrooms could be so delicious by the way lol

  20. Hey mark

    I love your tutorials so easy to follow

  21. Liked the capsicum tip re the plastic bag. New one for me so thanks. Small point though, you should never add salt in that fashion. Just wont season evenly. 

  22. Hello Mark. I want to thank you very much for this delicious recipe! It turned out really nice and it wasn't as difficult as I had expected. I do not generally like eggplants but they tasted really good in this. thank you 🙂

  23. wow man it was good. but u need to fast as a chef 

  24. Whenever I need roasted sweet peppers (capsicums) for a recipe,I prefer to hold them by tongs over an open flame until blackened. I find it faster and achieve the same flavor results. Many many thanks for sharing this recipe Chef!

  25. Hey Mark another question. Sometimes I have trouble peeling the capsicum skin. At what temperature do you cook it for 40 mins?

  26. It's much better to add hot milk to sauce to prevent any lumbs.

  27. This worked amazingly. =D 
    How did you do it?!! x3

  28. Thankyou so much for the recipe! I made it and it turned out really well 😛 

  29. I'm going to try this tonight 🙂

  30. Thanks for watching… Remember to subscribe 🙂

  31. yum yumy 🙂

  32. Nice recipe, but in Italy we don't use to do in this way: we only use a kind of Mushroom, mozzarella, parmisan and besciamella!! That's all, but i will try in this way 😀

  33. Hi Kitsune, it will change the taste of it, probably make it a little sweet, but why not give it a try and let me know how it turns out? May have to adjust the amount of coconut flour slightly for the sauce I'm guessing a little more????

  34. can i use coconut flour to replace the regular flour or will it mess up the taste of the lasagna?

  35. Enjoy your dinner! It'll be fantastic… 🙂

  36. Making this tonight:)

  37. vegan = no animal products, vegetarian = no animal flesh

  38. Some vegetarians eat Parmesan cheese… but there is simple solution for strict vegetarians: use cheese without animal rennet instead. It's people's personal choice and their own responsibility. Cheers!!!

  39. Hi Kulvinder, yes you can do that with the eggplant and peppers(let me know how that turned out) and yes I did cook my Tomato sauce see the link to that in the video where I go through the ingredient list. Best wishes Mark.

  40. Nice. I have some questions. Is it good if I slice and fry the eggplant and pepper with carrot once instead of roasting that? did you cooked the tomato sauce?

  41. Thanks Brina lots of good things still to come!

  42. in love with your channel!!!

  43. Thanks….. it is one of my favourite recipes. Enjoy Mark.

  44. It looks delicious, and easy to make ! Thanks !

  45. I am happy you enjoyed it, it is one of my favourites as well, the peppers really add something special I think !

    Thanks Mark.

  46. This was fantastic. I exchanged zucchini for the peppers. Next time I will keep it original. Def worth repeating.

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